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What Kind of Makeup Artist You Can Be in Singapore?

Are you passionate about makeup? Do you wish one day to follow your passion and become a makeup artist? Recently, I had several questions during the events and makeup workshop, asking about how to become a makeup artist in Singapore? what types of makeup techniques can they learn? And which trends they need to follow?

Planning to start new careers of makeup artistry is not as easy as learning how to apply a lovely makeup. There are different basics to start with such as science and sense of colours, makeup texture and how to blend it, skincare, etc. But for newbies would love to recommend an essential step. Which makeup school you are interested in? In other words, what kind of makeup artist you can be?

Some would think that makeup is just makeup, without any special categories or subdivisions. While this is not true as a makeup artist in Singapore you would have many types of makeup to specialize in. Let’s dig deep and divide the most common makeup styles in Singapore.

Korean Makeup Artist

It is not hidden anymore how girls in Asia are highly influenced by Korean skincare and makeup looks, and this influence is perceptible among many makeup artists in Singapore.

Korean makeup look is usually distinguished by the dewy flawless skin, a generous amount of blush substituting the contouring for softly define features. Eyes are outlined by smudged pencil and shimmery pastel eyeshadow popped over the eyelid giving the look of doll’s eyes. Eyebrows are full and arch-less, usually colored with warm brown shades. Lips are tinted with glossy rosy color for a natural innocent look.

Korean Makeup has a major focus on skincare and how to achieve flawless skin naturally without adding layers of full coverage foundation and concealer. Therefore Makeup Artists interested in this type have to be well-informed about different skin types and concerns, skincare products and regimes to be able to integrate it in their makeup application.

Korean Makeup & Skincare brands Laneige, Etude House, Sulwhasoo would be a great supplier for your makeup bag. The Singaporean beauty and makeup blogger The Makeup Blogette ( @makeup_blogette ) would be good inspiration.

Malay Makeup Artist – Arabian Beauty

singapore makeup artist malay

This style of makeup goes very well with the prominent Arab and Malay features and skin tone. Mainly characterized by full coverage foundation which baked or set generously with a layer of powder. Sharp contouring and heavy highlighters are both a must! Eyes are either well saturated with smokey eyeshadow or defined with sharp thick eyeliner, and of course, both eye looks won’t complete without a pair of false lashes. Precisely defined Ombré eyebrows are the main feature of this makeup.

And lips that perfectly over-lined with lip pencil and get the final look with matte lipstick.

This category of makeup requires great skills of different makeup techniques especially the latest ones like contouring and baking, disguising impurities, strobing, blending different makeup textures together to get the glamorous makeup look.

Best Makeup brands to shop for is Mac cosmetics, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Urban Decay, NYX Cosmetics.

Many beauty bloggers and makeup artists in Singapore are considered pioneers in this category like the talented makeup artist Jaszmine Fareed ( @Jaszminefareed ), social media influencer Nbhha Jones (@nbhha ).

Natural Makeup Artist

This makeup look is timeless yet eye-catching! It is definitely the best look to wear for your big life events like graduation, engagements, and weddings. As well as for everyday outings, work, and school.

It is easily achievable by picking shades to suit the features and make eye color pop. keep the skin fresh and simple and just powder around the T-zone. Use concealer only where needed to cover any impurities. Pass sharp contouring and just highlight instead. Keep the natural shape of the eyebrows and omit over filling them. Don’t be afraid to try colors on eyelids and lips. And never forget false eyelashes are never a must here!

For this kind of artistry, you need to have a good sense of colors, knowledge of face measurements and proportions. The best brands you can purchase at are Bourjois, Lancome, Estee Lauder and L’Oréal.

Many makeup artists in Singapore mastering this category like the makeup artist Candice Chen ( @makeup_box ), the beauty blogger Emily Loke ( @paper_tigress )

And the makeup artist Toni Tan ( @toni.tan ) from Autelier Makeup.

Creative Makeup Artist

If this type is called creative that never means the other types are not. But makeup artists here characterized by endless creativity and imagination. So if you ever felt you can turn your soft baby face into one hell of scary monster then this is where you belong to. This category requires high skills at drawing and face painting, being acquainted with FX and special effects makeup. Never to forget you would definitely need to have some experience in hair wigs and different disguising customs.

The Makeup brands that would be your heaven to purchase your products are Kryolan, MAC and Makeup For Ever.

And if you are looking for inspiration I suggest two creative makeup artist: the creative Singaporean makeup Lei Parnes ( @wink818 ) whom aces every look and character she creates.