soap brows

What is Soap Brows? The New Beauty Trend You Need To Know

What is soap brows? Did you hear about this new beauty hack? This newest eyebrows trend is hitting the world like fire lately, but with a few research I found out that this hack used to be a favorite for Hollywood stars back then like Sophia Lauren.

New Beauty Trend for Eyebrows
Did you know that you can use a bar of soap as the only product to fill in your eyebrows for a fuller bushy look! Yeah .. a bar of soap and spoolie that’s all that you need!

Soap Brows Hacks

In order to achieve this new brow trend all you need is a clear soap bar and a spoolie. I start by wetting my spoolie with warm water and work it into the soap bar till it forms a little of a clay.

Then brush my brow hairs upwards to give them a feathered texture. I like to wait for a couple of minutes clay dries and seal up my brow hairs.

You can already see that my eyebrows look thicker. I like to finish it with feathering some hair-like strokes using Benefit Ka-Brows cream gel in shade 2 to fill in any missing spots in my brows. And Traaaaaa! My eyebrows look bushy and natural just like the eighties brows of Brook Shields.

soap brows

This brow soap trick will be Massive because it is so affordable and easy to apply, It seal brow hairs into place for very long time longer than any other brow products.

Where can you find it?
Any drug store or supermarket that is offering clear color soap. so easy! Make sure you buy the clear one so it won’t leave a white trace on your skin.

Eyebrows Soap

I have been obsessed with this trick for how natural my eyebrows look, I think it is your turn to try it out. “My husband use it for bathing and believes it is lovely”!