Complete Guide: What is Semi Permanent Lip Embroidery?

What is Lip Micorpigmentation “Lip Blush”?

Lip Embroidery SingaporeIt is a treatment to enhance the shape and color of your lips, and give them a boost of permanent lip color so they look fuller, younger and more symmetrical. It is the depositing of organic micro-pigments into the upper dermal layer of the lip’ skin with a fine needle to give the look of soft lipstick.

Lip micro pigmentation is known by many names according to the region and country for instance ” lip semi-permanent makeup”, ” lip microblading”, ” permanent lip color”, “lip blush”, ” lip permanent makeup” or ” lip embroidery”.

How long does lip Micorpigmentation “Lip Blush” last?

Lip permanent coloring may last anywhere between 1-2 years. It is mainly depending on the micro-pigments used in the treatment. Usually, Organic lip pigments last for one 18 months, whereas inorganic pigments could up to 2 years.

How can benefit from Permanent Lip coloring?

Anybody and everybody! Lip embroidery is for everyone looking to enhance their natural lip shape and definition, boost the color and lustre of their lips and foremost bring symmetry to their uneven lips.

lip embroidery singapore semi-permnant

What are the differences between conventional lip tattoo and the latest lip coloring?

There are two major differences between the latest lip coloring technique and the old traditional tattoo. The first is how deep the needle goes into the skin, apparently, in lip embroidery, it is way more superficial compared to lip tattoo. The second is the kind of colorant used, in lip embroidery, we use organic micro-pigments regulated to be used specifically for the lips while in the later a normal ink tattoo rich with Carbon was used.

How my lips supposed to look right after the treatment?

lip embroidery servicesIt is not a hidden fact that Lips are the most sensitive part of our body. Therefore, There will be some kind of swelling and a sore feeling right after the treatment which starts to go down in the couple following days to the treatment, the color will look more dark and intense in the first 48 hours too. but the good news is that lips start to peel way faster than eyebrows, thus It is recommended to book your lip embroidery appointment on a weekend eve to give yourself 1-2 days to be settled down.

How painful is permanent lip color?

I got many questions asking whether lip embroidery hurts. And the answer to that is the level of feeling pain is quiet relative according to individual pain threshold. But in general, a specific topical numbing cream will be applied before and during the procedure to make it more smooth and comfortable. Most of my client say it turned up to be easier than thought and it is completely doable.

Is it necessary to have a touch-up session after the first session of the treatment?

No, it is not necessary at all when it comes to lips 90% of my clients’ don’t need to undergo a second session and usually got pretty good retention from the first time.