Eyebrow Embroidery

What do you need to know about Microblading?

Microblading is becoming an incredibly popular treatment as more and more people like the natural results that it can offer.

What is the eyebrow microblading treatment? Eyebrow microblading (or eyebrow embroidery in Asia) is a relatively a manual method, which does not use the advanced permanent makeup machine. In Egypt and the Middle East, the eyebrow micorblading is widely known and many artists are providing this treatment as the latest technique while the fact that it is not true. The digital permanent makeup which called “eyebrow micropigmentation” is the latest PMU technique in the world.  Due to the lack of makeup artists who are using the advanced the technique, the manual microblading is commonly used in Egypt.

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Why microblading is not suitable for everyone?

There are some cases when the lady cannot get her eyebrows done by microblading technique:

  • People with oily skin: Oily skin is a very common type of skin in Egypt and Arabic countries. Oily skin with big pores or what is called “chicken skin”: thicker oily skin has a very hard time getting crisp hair-strokes with a tendency to blur with excessive oil secretion in microblading the blade cannot provide good results due to the limitation of the manual hand pressures.  The micropigmentation is more suitable and has best results for oily skin due to its super-fine needle and accuracy with pigmentation inside the skin layers.
  • People with sensitive skin: If you have sensitive skin you better avoid the manual microblading. The manual technique might harm your skin and the blade is used can leave scars on your eyebrows. Micropigmentations is more skin friendly as a super-fine needle is used which helps to give you the best results without scars and pain-free.
  • People with traditional eyebrow tattoo: If you already have an old eyebrow tattoo then manual microblading or the digital micropigmentation is not suitable.
  • People under certain types of medications: Increased bleeding tendency or Aspirin and Vitamin K medication.
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding: as all permanent makeup procedures, none of it can be to pregnant ladies or those who are still breastfeeding.
  • Certain cases: High blood pressure, skin problems like acne, broken capillaries and moles, Keratosis and very dry skin.

For these several reasons when a lady would like to have an eyebrow microblading technique; I always advise my clients to have micrpigementation as it has much better results from the 1st session and suitable for the Egyptian girls’ skin.

Consultation is important

Don’t apply any technique on your skin before doing a research and consulting the makeup artists. I always ask my clients several questions to make sure we are on the safe side; I also check her skin type, and if she has a warm or a cold blood type; so I would know which pigment color to use.

Natural brows are the best

Noting that not all the ladies are good candidates for the eyebrow treatments; some of them just need to let their eyebrows hair grow and reshape them; they would have an extremely natural look. So don’t be hard on yourselves and give your natural eyebrows a chance! For all these mentioned reasons I advise all the ladies to pass by for a free consultation before setting the tattoo appointments!

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