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10 Tips To Get Natural Permanent Eyebrow with Micropigmentation

Natural eyebrow is the best eyebrow.

Are you wondering how to get natural eyebrow embroidery? Well, eyebrow embroidery is the last-ditch-effort treatment that promises to change your brow life. It is semi-permanent makeup solution to thin, uneven, over-plucked and sparse eyebrows. finally and most importantly to give you the natural look!

Permanent eyebrow micropigementation promises to give the most natural looking eyebrow if it would be performed properly by a qualified specialist who is acknowledgeable of skin-types and face dimensions, sticks to high hygiene standards and has an artistic eye. Otherwise the treatment might result in grey patchy uneven eyebrows that may last for several years if the pigment was implanted too deep in the skin. You might be lucky and choose the right makeup artist to shape your eyebrows, but you will also need to know what it takes to get a natural eyebrow shape.

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Beautiful ladies, here are some important tips to get natural eyebrow micropigmentation:

  1. Follow your brow bone and natural eyebrow shape: When drawing your new eyebrow micropigmentation shape it is very important to follow your brow bone and natural shape of your eyebrows. Don’t try to copy your favorite celebrity brow shape or follow latest eyebrows trends. Always remember each face has its own eyebrow shape that defines its features.
  2. Go for soft natural shape: Avoid extremely straight or exaggerating arched eyebrows which will drag away attention from your eyes and features. believe it or not, your eyebrows can change the whole way your eyes and face look. They could make your features look sad and angry, or give you that nice relaxed look.
  3. Don’t ask for a square front of your eyebrow micropigmentation shape: Square eyebrows? oh no! squared eyebrows can immediately make them look artificially drawn. Instead, choose a softly curved beginning that gives natural looking eyebrows.
  4. Go for natural eyebrow color: Choose a color that matches your existent natural eyebrow hair color or your real hair color if there are no brow hairs: to get the most natural eyebrow embroidery it is very important that hair-strokes perfectly blend with your real eyebrow hairs in both color and direction. Eyebrow micropigmentation will look artificial when there is the difference in color between hair-strokes an eyebrow hair and this will be more noticeable by time.
  5. Your eyebrows are part of your face: Work within standard measurements and dimensions of your face. Perfect eyebrow Shape is determined according to Face structure, between-eye distance, and golden ratio measurements. Your eyebrows should start at a certain point that balances the distance between your eyes, and they have to end at a place that lifts your face up and out. Your arch should be situated properly too.
  6. Remember there is always a fine tone for density: Too thick eyebrow is tricky. After eyebrow embroidery the result may not be as dense as your natural eyebrow hairs, this will lead -in the case going too thick than natural brow hairs-  to inconsistent color and non-harmonic shape. Never forgetting eyebrow micropigmentation fades by time!
  7. Don’t wish for identical eyebrows: Both eyebrows cannot get identical naturally or with semipermanent eyebrow micropigmentation: When drawing the shape, don’t obsess over symmetry. Try to shape your eyebrows in a way that ensures they start and end at generally the same points. Keep in mind that your face isn’t perfectly symmetrical, so your brows may not be either (as the saying goes, eyebrows should be sisters, not twins).
  8. Follow the natural flow of hair: Ask your eyebrow makeup artist to follow the natural flow of your eyebrow hairs by drawing finely curved hair-strokes that mimic your real eyebrow hair. For natural eyebrow micropigmentation, hair-strokes should beautifully blend with natural brow hairs or else it will look artificial and noticeable.
  9. Try different semi-permanent eyebrow techniques: Don’t be afraid to get several eyebrow micropigmentation styles or semi-permanent retouches to enhance or build up your new brows. Sometimes drawing hair-strokes is not enough to give the desired density for the brows. Soft shading between hair-strokes will do the trick by giving more defined yet natural results. In shading technique, different shades of brown could be used to give a lovely gradient ombré eyebrow look.
  10. Don’t forget the aftercare: Follow aftercare instructions religiously to get perfect natural eyebrow micropigmentation. After applying my techniques on more than 130 clients, the fabulous eyebrows were the ones who followed the aftercare.  Not paying close attention to aftercare instructions may result in patchy color and blurry hair-strokes.

It is believed that eyebrows are the most important feature of the face, they frame the eyes and highlight our best features. Eyebrows have been in the spotlight more than ever recently, but unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with the perfect eyebrows. Some born with thin or barely existent brows, others might over-plucked them and had to struggle to grow them back. That’s why my joyful moments comes when I see my eyebrow micropigmentation bringing back the beautiful eyebrow look that every woman deserves.

Finally, choosing a semi-permanent makeup treatment is the always about getting a natural look and as well to get my lovely clients non-stopping feedbacks while I am shaping 🙂 I wish you ladies a very natural eyebrow!

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