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Makeup Product Review: TheBalm Meet Matt(e) Nude Eyeshadow Palette

Finally had the chance to meet Matte the nude from TheBalm Cosmetics, which Always catch my eyes with their cute characters labeling their products. This all-matt neutral eyeshadow palette comes in a very nice and funny packaging with the handsome Matt smiling on the cover.

The palette material is cardboard, which makes it super lightweight. But I am not sure how durable it would be in a long run. There is an amazingly big mirror fitted on the inside of the cover. I barely use another mirror when I am doing my eye makeup with this palette.

The Palette consists of 9 eyeshadow pans that are really HUGE! Maybe because size matters as TheBalm claims ;). I loved the shadows colors, their pigmentation and texture are very good. I have to say the only thing missing in this palette is a deep black to be a perfect complete matte eyeshadow palette!

TheBalm Meet Matt(e) Review

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The swatch of Meet Matte Palette

Let us take a look at the shadows closely and their swatches:

  • Matte Johnson: a charcoal grey with cold undertones. It’s a rich dark color, perfect for deepening the looks, smudging eyeliners or even using as an eyeliner on its own.
  •  Matt Garcia : plummy mahogany. one of my favorites shades I use it to define my crease outer corner.
  •  Matt Malloy: a matte ivory white shade. It looks very strong in the pan, but comes off a lot softer. Perfect as a brow bone and inner corner highlighter.
  •  Matt Rosen: a med-tone warm brown and a very nice color.
  •  Matt Wood: a dark cool brown. Matt Wood is the darkest color in this palette, it doesn’t look almost black, but it’s really dark. It can easily be used as an eyeliner.
  • Matt singh: a  mid-tone seashell peach. A great transition color and to blend out all shades together.
  • Matt Abdul: a perfect taupe color. It would make a perfect smokey eyes !
  • Matt Lombardi: a yellow beige shade. Great for neutralizing the lid color or just worn as a lid color with deep color in the crease. Even works as a transition shade.
  • Matt Hung: a dark grey with a plum undertone. A very beautiful color and one of my favorites in this palette.

I simply love this palette! I wear it on my eyes almost everyday, and I agree with some beauty bloggers who is naming it as one of the best “all-matte” eyeshadow palettes.

If you are someone who likes matte eyeshadow palette, this one is definitely a must have for you.