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7 Facts About Permanent Makeup in Dubai

In Dubai people are still not fully exposed to the real idea of permanent makeup technique, why is that ? Because most permanent makeup in Dubai artists is still using the old outdated tattoo technique. With only a few qualified Permanent Makeup artists, there is a lot of misconceptions about permanent makeup that women still Read More

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Lip Blushing and Permanent Lip Coloring – Think Before You Ink

Lip blushing is the hottest trend in the beauty scene and gaining popularity all over the world. Everywhere on social media, you will see lip coloring treatments with before and after images. It is rocking the permanent makeup industry since the results are a life-changing experience. The permanent lip coloring is a big leap to Read More

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Which Eyebrow Shape flatters your face the most?

Thinking of getting a permanent eyebrow micropigmentation and not quite sure about the perfect eyebrow shape for your face? Eyebrows can enhance your appearance by framing your eyes, flattering your face shape, and balancing your features. The right eyebrow arch can take years off your age, and the distance between your eyebrows can change the whole Read More

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Makeup Product Review: TheBalm Meet Matt(e) Nude Eyeshadow Palette

Finally had the chance to meet Matte the nude from TheBalm Cosmetics, which Always catch my eyes with their cute characters labeling their products. This all-matt neutral eyeshadow palette comes in a very nice and funny packaging with the handsome Matt smiling on the cover. The palette material is cardboard, which makes it super lightweight. Read More