Rabab Kelani – Permanent Makeup Artist

Rabab Kelani is a doctor and certified permanent makeup artist, eyebrow specialist and beauty blogger working globally in many countries including Germany, Singapore, and Egypt.

By applying her natural eyebrow shaping techniques she brings her combination of makeup skills to her practice based on her medical background. 

After several years and over 1000 of happy clients in Europe, Singapore and the Middle East, she is bringing her advanced micropigmentation to the beauty scene in Egypt.

Since early childhood Rabab had a fascination with painting and fashion. In Austria at 1999 when she was 17 years old, she attended a makeup workshop with Lancôme which organized by Stiefel Cosmetic stores. 

Her first experience with the world of makeup and cosmetics increased her passion to an artist, that further complimented her unusual way of looking at things.


Rabab Kelani

Later on and after she finished studying Medicine, she found herself still fascinated by Makeup and Cosmetology so she decided to switch her career by studying aesthetics and makeup.

She did not stop at this point but followed her natural skill set by venturing into the world of permanent makeup & cosmetology.

As a permanent makeup artist, she learned the skillful art of implanting pigment directly into the dermal layer of the skin using digital machine method of lip coloring & eyebrow microblading technique which becomes the most popular all around the world. Her professional training gave her the experience with several techniques of applying brows, eyeliner, and lip coloring.

Permanent Eyebrow Makeup Artist (PMU)

Rabab is a specialist in semipermanent  & permanent eyebrow makeup with over 8 years of experiences in Singapore, Europe, and Egypt. Known for flawless skin and meticulous attention to detail. She enjoys prepping the skin and uses the highest quality products to make you look like the best version of yourself! Some of her favorite Makeup brands include; MAC, Makeup For Ever, Anastasia Beverly Hills and Bobbie Brown.

Rabab Kelani makeup artist
Rabab Kelani with Alena Soloveva

Rabab Kelani is known for the professional unique technique using the digital machine and providing permanent makeup treatments including eyebrow, eyeliner, lips and semi-permanent makeup.

Makeup services also available for bridal and wedding parties, editorial, print, special occasions and photo shoots.

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