japanese skincare

Discover The Japanese Skin Care: The Philosophy of Beauty

Have you ever wondered about the Japanese skincare? And how it is different from Korean and Western Skincare? Is it the products or the routine? .. OR it is a whole different mindset?

Interestingly, the Japanese are among the first people to discover the skin care treatments. The story of “the magic water” has its deep roots in the Japanese history, when women used the rice water to wash their faces. Since that time the Japanese developed a unique routine for skin care that considered as one of the best treatments for beautiful skin.

Let’s go on a journey to discover the main pillars of the Japanese beauty and skin care in Japan:

Be proud of your Suppin face すっぴん顔 !

This Japanese slang word is used to describe a no-makeup face. which also reflects the main aspect of Japanese skincare philosophy, to work hard and commit to a daily routine in order to maintain a perfect skin that you would be proud to show without any makeup on.

I believe this concept is one of the trends in beauty world now. The Japanese have been adopting this concept for decades now and no wonder they have such beautiful skin.

Less is more

The unique concept of Japanese beauty is minimalism.

Whether in clothing, hairstyling, makeup or skincare, less is more is the rule to follow. Japanese women don’t hold to a skincare routine that has a certain number of steps or products, neither they choose what products to apply according to the recent condition of their skin. Their ritual is built on few steps and few products with effective ingredients.

Less innovative but time-proven ingredients

It is true that Japanese skin care brands adopt less new ingredients into their products especially comparing to their neighboring Korean.

But what I love about Japanese products is that they are tested very carefully for a long time like green tea, rice brans, and pearl. All ingredients have proved their effectiveness and used for centuries to brighten, hydrate and exfoliate the skin.

The most famous Japanese ingredients are rice bran, pearls, seaweeds, and green tea.

Japanese skin care products

The overall demeanor that matters!

Don’t try to conceal every blemish or hide each wrinkle, but rather care about the general appearance and luster of your face.

Japanese women care more about their overall look and how they feel about their skin, instead of focusing on spot treatment or makeup tricks to conceal their impurities.

life in small portions

Japanese treat their skin just as how they indulge themselves with small amounts of different sorts of delicious food. Overfeeding the skin with rich creams and serums will lead to impair the skin’s natural ability to clean itself.

Look at your skin in the mirror and touch it before choosing which products your skin really needs.

Affordable doesn’t mean bad quality!

Someone told me once: “whether you eat it in a five- star restaurant or grab it off a supermarket shelf, Sushi will have the same taste in Japan”. Japanese are renowned for their high-quality products and skincare is not excluded here. The ingredients of products sold at drugstores are scientifically tested with proved efficacy.

Being affordable is an additional perk 😉

Love your skin

Finally, I believe that there is only one way for a beautiful skin. Build a relationship with your skin. Skin care is a culture for the woman and not just a product to apply. Start with identifying your skin as part of your own life and stop thinking of it as a mask you wear.

Love your skin just like the Japanese do!