glossy lids makeup trends 2017

New Makeup Trends in 2017: Glossy Lids

If you think that glossy lids are only for runways, you are definitely not aware of the latest makeup trends in 2017! This year get ready to hit the street with glossy lids that look effortlessly attractive.

Wearing glossy lids can be really challenging especially in hot weather, where gloss can easily crease and eyelids start sticking to each other. Since it is a major trend this year and Kylie Jenner has amazingly pulled it off many times. I had to do my homework by testing new products and trying different techniques to make glossy eyelids more wearable and less sticky!

Glossy lids in two steps

Step One: The Base

Cream, liquid or gel formulas tend to deliver that glossy look best. Preferably if the shadow has a metallic or shimmery finish.

Try to avoid powder eyeshadow! Once applying the gloss over, it starts to move and the eyeshadow separates under the gloss.

Step Two: The Gloss

Now It’s time to get glossy 🙂 for that wet effect I wear lip gloss on my lids! when it comes to gloss I really have no preference in brands as long as it is clear and glossy.

I like to tap a bit of the gloss at the center of my eyelid. The trick here is to avoid the crease and apply a thin layer of the gloss to the lid. Some artists like to use lip balm to get that sheen look which is too less glossy for my liking.

The best part about this look is that it’s perfect for people who are not good at blending eyeshadows and still want to add colors and shine into their makeup looks. This look also is low-maintenance, so no worries if it creases this will make it look more artful and slightly undone 😉