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kiko cream eyeshadow

Product Review: Kiko Cream Crush Lasting Color Eyeshadow

Do you love Kiko’s products? I am a big fan! Today let’s review Kiko Milano Cream Crush Lasting Color Eyeshadow! Even thought they were released back in 2015 but I finally decided to try it. During my trip to Germany last month, I dropped by Kiko store and had the chance to swatch them. I Read More

MAC Vamplify Lipgloss Review

Makeup Review: MAC Limited Edition Vamplify Lipgloss

Who said lip gloss is outdated?! To everyone’s surprise, lip glosses is back in a big way! All Makeup brands that we know are reformulating their gloss formula to be more pigmented and comfortable to wear for hours. Mac Vamplify Lipgloss arrives in time for Fall 2015 in an array of gorgeous colors. According to Read More

meet matte review makeup

Makeup Product Review: TheBalm Meet Matt(e) Nude Eyeshadow Palette

Finally had the chance to meet Matte the nude from TheBalm Cosmetics, which Always catch my eyes with their cute characters labeling their products. This all-matt neutral eyeshadow palette comes in a very nice and funny packaging with the handsome Matt smiling on the cover. The palette material is cardboard, which makes it super lightweight. Read More

MAC Fix + Review

Makeup Product Review: M.A.C Fix +

If you think that M.A.C Fix +  is only used to fix your makeup, then you are totally wrong! Why has this soothing moisturizing mist become a must-have Piece in every makeup artist kit and beauty guru bag?! Fix + as M.A.C Cosmetics (from the collection of Prep + Prime), claims is an aqua-spritz of vitamin Read More