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Lip Blushing and Permanent Lip Coloring – Think Before You Ink

Lip blushing is the hottest trend in the beauty scene and gaining popularity all over the world.

Everywhere on social media, you will see lip coloring treatments with before and after images. It is rocking the permanent makeup industry since the results are a life-changing experience.

The permanent lip coloring is a big leap to the makeup and a dream for women. The solution provided by the Lip Blushing technique is essentially a combination of color correctness and enhancement to the natural shape, fullness, and distribution of the lips color.

We all know that lips are a beauty concern for women. The market for lip products such as lip blush, lip tint, and lipstick is trying to provide natural cosmetics to improve the beauty of the lips.

Lip Blush and Coloring by Rabab Kelani

Eventually, there are still daily struggles with maintaining the lips’ appearance. Shifting between beauty products and applying makeup on daily basis is a time-consuming process. However, the new techniques of lip blushing as a semi-permanent makeup treatment is becoming more ideal as a long-term solution.

But what is the definition of lip blushing and how to select the right treatment? How long does lip pigmentation last? is it painful? and how to know if you are a good candidate for this treatment?

What is Lip Blushing?

Lip blushing is a semi-permanent makeup using a micro-pigmentation technique. Mainly, it is a lip coloring method applied to the lips to enhance the natural color and enhance the lips’ shape.

Mainly, the lips blushing treatment use a method called pixelating, which consists of microdots of pigment. Following specialized techniques, the process produces a layer of color to the lips. The result provides a similar consistent color to the beautiful natural lips. The technique is performed by permanent makeup artists and specialized aestheticians and not the traditional tattoo artists.

Essentially, the majority of traditional microblading artists cannot provide the lips treatment due to its difficulty and it follows a different technique that completely different than eyebrows. Lip blushing requires a complex color mixing to correct and enhance the lips using organic pigments and a digital machine. It features several needle configurations, unlike traditional microblading.

Lip blushing is considered as the most popular beauty trend now around the world and has several names such as lip coloring, lip tattooing, lip tint, lip microblading, lip shading, and permanent lip makeup. We all know that in the beauty industry there are no standard names. Names can be invented by technique masters and popular makeup artists and then reinvented commercially. Hence, they don’t teach makeup by university professors, do they?

However, around the world, there are different techniques and commercial names that include lip blushing, powder lips, dazzling lips, luscious lips, aquarelle lips, and many more. Permanent makeup artists define the techniques based on their creative style and experience.


The lib blushing and coloring treatment takes between 2-3 hours in the first session. The time and results are subject to several factors including the skin type, pigment quality, technique, and most of all the skin of the makeup artist. Ideally, the session takes several steps from preparing the lips to applying the pigment and coloring. However, the nature of the lips can vary between a person to another and there might be issues with the lips that require intensive color correction.

Remember always, everyone has different skin and lips nature and different color requirements. The permanent lip treatment might include different techniques and it is important to have a consultation and choose what works better for you based on your face features, natural look, lips shape, and skin type. Allergic reactions, color absorption, pigment migration, and changes in pigment color are all different factors that can impact the treatment.

Lip Blush and coloring by Rabab Kelani


The healing takes a few weeks after the first session.

It is very important to know about how long it takes to fully heal since many are always having anxiety during the two weeks. This treatment is not makeup and doesn’t have a magical outcome right after the session.  The pigmentation takes time to heal and give the right color and you have to be patient. After 6 weeks the color will take its right form and then if there is a need, you can have a touch up such session. However, it is important to know that you cannot go for another session before you complete the healing period.

It is important to also know that healing time can vary from a person to another since everyone’s skin is different. The makeup artists will provide you the aftercare instructions and the stages of the healing process.

How long does lip pigmentation last?

The lip coloring pigmentation lasts for 18months on average. Depending on the skin type and the quality of pigment and technique used, the lip color can last from one year up to 3 years. The pigment will start to fade out gradually over time. In my experience, most of my clients had on average a year and half of permanent lip color. One of the best practices for this treatment is using high-quality pigments and needles.

Is lip blushing painful?

Surprisingly, the pain is slight with no major effect. For the majority of people, the feeling is minimal and tolerable. However, the people who might have a very low tolerance to pain can have concerns so it is important to consult with the makeup artist first.

How to choose the permanent makeup artist?

Think before you ink! Choose always based on quality not price. Quality is a major factor for permanent makeup and lip blushing requires a highly professional artist with solid experience with lip treatments. The treatment is getting popular everywhere but yet the quality is not the same. When you are searching for the right makeup artist, make sure to read reviews carefully and ask people who previously had the treatment.

Avoid selecting based on ads and Instagram pictures as it is not always showing the right colors. Some artists always try to enhance the colors using filters and editing tools. The procedures of lip blushing require an artist who understands the color correction methods and has very skilled hands in applying the pigmentation. Always do your research carefully when it comes to selecting a permanent makeup artist.

How much does lip blushing cost?

It depends on the country you are living in and the quality you are looking for. Low-quality artists and commercial beauty salons can provide relatively very cheap promotions and offers. Lip blushing is a cheap treatment if you consider how long it lasts. If you measure the period of how long it lasts by the price, you will discover it is a great investment and highly affordable. In the end, the cost of high-quality permanent makeup is not expensive comparing to the cost of beauty products required on a daily basis. In addition, it is saving time and hassle.

However, there are several cases that not applicable to lip coloring treatment. These cases require a consultation before the treatment to check whether they are applicable or not. Here I summed up a list of factors you should take into consideration before going ahead :

  • Low pain tolerance: Although the days of painful permanent makeup procedures should be gone by using topical anesthetics, still, lips are too sensitive. so if you’re considering getting them done, you have to put that in mind. Nowadays lip clients walk out looking pretty good with minimal sore and swollen lips.
  • Lip fillers: If you are planning to get injections for enlargement and Permanent Makeup on your lips, always start with the later. And this is for many reasons, one of which is Lip coloration gives the look of plumped lips. Always wait 6-8 weeks prior to Permanent makeup to get lip injections.
  • Blue lips: Blue undertone lips are the main reason for seeking the help of Permanent Makeup. A slight cool tone can be balanced out by using a very warm orange-based color. But it takes a lot of warm colors to offset a strong cool undertone if it works at all. Getting a black or mauve result probably means it was the wrong color to start with.
  • Dark or multi-toned lips: Unfortunately, lip Permanent Makeup is not for everyone. It is not a cure for dark blue and purple lips. Artists should be very careful in assessing lips before touching them. We all need to know that lips with freckles, ethnic dark lips, and multi-toned lips are NOT candidates to work on as they are prone to hyperpigmentation.
  • Prone to cold sores: If you have a history of cold sores, then you should start prophylactic antiviral medications 3 days prior to the procedure and for one week post. This is very important to lessen the risk of breakouts since the virus responsible for cold sores lives dormant in the associated nerves forever and it is stimulated by the needle movement during the procedure.
  • Old scars and bruises: Permanent makeup is considered a great solution to reshape and recover the symmetry of injured lips. Medical consultation and assessment should be performed before proceeding.

Despite the previous contradictions of Lip Permanent Makeup, it is still a great solution for many to benefit from. Hence I wish you all beauty, satisfaction, and caution in making decisions!