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Product Review: Kiko Cream Crush Lasting Color Eyeshadow

Do you love Kiko’s products? I am a big fan! Today let’s review Kiko Milano Cream Crush Lasting Color Eyeshadow! Even thought they were released back in 2015 but I finally decided to try it.

During my trip to Germany last month, I dropped by Kiko store and had the chance to swatch them. I was skeptical about them at first because I had never heard any beauty blogger mentioned them. But since I am not really of the ones follow the hype when it comes to products without thoroughly researching the product by myself. I snagged myself a good deal by getting two shades, each at 4€ since Kiko was having after Christmas sales. I picked shade 06 Pearly Chocolate and 08 pearly dark brown.

Kiko, significant yet affordable

Each Cream Crush Lasting Color Eyeshadow comes in a transparent glass jar which makes it easy to see the color through. The jar has a plastic black lid with Kiko logo on it. The crush eyeshadows have creamy bouncy texture feels like a whipped mousse. They are perfectly bendable and so pigmented. they tend to dry out fast though, so better to blend them immediately after applying on the lid. Kiko claims to be long lasting and the answer to that is yes and no. They are super long lasting only if you prime the eyelids otherwise, they tend to crease and will start to fade in a couple of hours.

They come in wide range of 16 shades most have pearly glittery finishes while 4 of them comes matte. They can be used as color base for the powdery eyeshadow or on its own.

Kiko eyeshadow colors
What I like the most is that I can create a smokey gradient eye look with only one color by blending the edges to fade into nothing and pack more of the shadow on the lid. It took me exactly 5 minutes to create this look with two coats of my favorite mascara I am all ready to go.

kiko eyeshadow review

One of their significant strengths is that they extremely affordable. they could be a great dupe for MAC pain point eyeshadows.

I just have to admit that I am a loyal Buyer to this brand. I dread to think how much i have spent on their products over the past years. Have you tried anything from Kiko Cosmetics?

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