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How to Put on Makeup Like Singaporean Girls

Since the first day I moved to Singapore, I could not help myself not to fall in love with Singaporean ladies style. I admired their cute dolly-look with soft dewy skin, long wispy lashes and rosy lips. I kept wondering, how do they manage to look so beautiful and feminine?! How long does it take them to put on their makeup?! What product and tools they use?!

Searching for answers to all these questions popping into my big head, I succeeded to reveal some of the Asian ladies makeup secrets! Here is my first round of discoveries 🙂

Glowing Healthy skin

Having clear and flawless skin is the first rule to achieve the Singaporean makeup look. No wonder now to see all these long queues at skincare counters wherever you go in Singapore shopping malls. ladies here are obsessed over sheet masks, serums, eye creams and every single product that promises to conceal their skin impurities.

Light Foundation To Brighten Up Your Face!

Whenever I step into any makeup outlet looking for a new foundation, the first tip I got there is to go for one or two shades lighter than my skin. And why is that?! The answer comes .. It brightens your face ma’am! 

singapore makeup foundation

Dewy Skin

And who doesn’t love the strobing look? It is my absolute favorite trend .. I rather think this is a common thing among all women around the world. but with a tiny little difference in Singapore, ladies here like to swipe their highlighter merely over the bridge of the nose and from the inner corner of the eye along the lower lash-line.

Cute Doll Eyes

Eyes are an important feature when it comes to Singapore makeup trends. For a dramatic look; Singapore makeup focuses on winged eyeliner with a pop of shimmery peachy-pink eyeshadow at the inner eye corner.

singapore doll eyes lenses

Falsies are a MUST!

Whether getting permanent eyelash extensions for those who can afford it, or applying a pair of artificial falsies! Their makeup looks won’t be complete without lashes!

Eyebrows that are full and arch-less

Singaporean women don’t leave the house without defining their brows—always thick, straight-across lines completely lacking arches. Eyebrow embroidery and semi-permanent makeup enhancement are very common in Singapore for both genders!

eyebrow singapore

Contact Lenses that change everything!

Yeah .. The enlarging circle contact lenses are made to give eyes a big dolly effect. These lenses are larger in diameter than normal lenses, with a thick outer rim to emphasize the size of the eyes. Eccentric colors like super pinky green or crystal grey are so trendy in Singapore, yet some still go for light brown or blue.

eyes makeup singapore

Flushed cheeks

Singaporean makeup emphasizes on cheeks which seem to flush naturally. Creating a natural-looking “flush” is no more a trick. Simply use a rosy blusher and dab it on cheeks sparingly to add color and contour your face at the same time.

Sucked on strawberry lollypop lips

Perfectly lined lips or matt nude shades are not that trendy on this island. Looking natural and innocent is the trick here. Singaporean women simply apply rosy lip tint on the inner part of their lips for more natural appearance.’

singapore lips makeup

Later on, I will write more about the Singaporean Eyebrow trends. If you have any comments or feedback, you can always drop me a line. Cheers!