7 Facts About Permanent Makeup in Dubai

In Dubai people are still not fully exposed to the real idea of permanent makeup technique, why is that ?

Because most permanent makeup in Dubai artists is still using the old outdated tattoo technique. With only a few qualified Permanent Makeup artists, there is a lot of misconceptions about permanent makeup that women still ask me about.

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Here I would like to highlight some of the top facts about permanent makeup and why it is the best and the latest makeup technique.

Permanent Makeup

1. Permanent Makeup for eyebrows is totally different than an OLD fashioned tattoo, the major difference which people cannot understand till now eyebrows tattoo is an old-fashioned and no longer used anymore.

It harms the skin’s inner layers, the tattoo is almost impossible to remove, and very hard to correct the shape and color.

You will live with it forever which is something really terrible. While permanent makeup for eyebrows is an amazing solution for every woman.

It lasts 15 months which gives you the chance to change your eyebrows’ style and colors. It totally fades without leaving any marks on your skin. Totally side effects free on the skin. Don’t listen to your girlfriend who advised you about tattoos because she is old-fashioned !!

 Permanent Makeup Egypt

2. Permanent Makeup is the latest technique hitting the world because the inks (pigments) used are formulated with Iron Oxides which are known to be safe for cosmetic use, colorants, and micro-pigmentation to the face. absorb into the skin much more effectively. And it is also certified by FDA.

3. With permanent makeup, you can always modify and correct the color to fit more with your skin color. So you desire it darker or lighter, It is easily done with permanent makeup. Goodbye to the ugly tattooed thick and harsh eyebrows.

4. The permanent makeup artist should carefully manage the depth of the needle that goes into the skin because if the needle exceeds the right depth this might cause Allergy, the color will change over time and It will turn into a tattoo, not permanent makeup which is a big difference. The professional permanent makeup artist should be very accurate with using the needle.

5. Goodbye hair loss: Are you worried about your eyebrows or eyelashes hair loss?! With experience, I found out that permanent makeup really activates blood circulation which helps in growing your eyebrows and eyelashes hairs more. The client always tells me that they noticed that regaining their eyebrows hairs as they used to be before.

Egypt Microblading Digital Rabab Kelani

6. The perfect eyebrow shape: If you are talking about the shape certainly permanent makeup is so accurate and so natural looking and dislike old tattooed eyebrows. Everyone will tell you that your eyebrows will make you look younger with a supernatural look.

7. It is permanent but It does not mean you are stuck to it forever, every year you still have the chance to change your eyebrows style with the benefits of changing the color anytime you like to. That’s pretty awesome, isn’t it?!

What are you waiting for? Get efficient and healthy permanent makeup and never worry about how your eyebrows will look like again. It is the latest technique worldwide and it is the secret of Hollywood celebrities to have this shining beauty under the limelight and it does look natural!!

Why should you choose the permanent eyebrow technique? 

It is the latest eyebrow microblading in the Middle East. In which a super fine needle (nanoneedle) that does not exceed 0.30mm in diameter is used to draw the thinnest hair-like strokes for more natural-looking eyebrows. This needle is attached to a digital machine that ensures a precise and delicate drawing of the hair strokes with no bleeding or pain.

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