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Which Eyebrow Shape flatters your face the most?

Thinking of getting a permanent eyebrow micropigmentation and not quite sure about the perfect eyebrow shape for your face?

Eyebrows can enhance your appearance by framing your eyes, flattering your face shape, and balancing your features. The right eyebrow arch can take years off your age, and the distance between your eyebrows can change the whole way your face looks.

Choosing the perfect brow shape depends on several factors like face shape and dimensions without forgetting eye shape and between-eye-distance. By choosing the right brow-shape the entire eye area can be opened up and work to improve your face’s symmetry. The perfect brow for you can make you look younger and rested.

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If you need an inspiration for your eyebrow embroidery shape, there are several things you should take into consideration before deciding on your new eyebrow shape.

The best eyebrow shape for your face shape

“Knowing your face shape is the first step to creating your most beautiful look” – Kevyn Aucoin

Eyebrow shapes for a square face

If you have a square face with bold jaw bones, go for thick eyebrows with a strong arch. This will balance your boldest features and draw attention away from your jawline.

Tip: opt for soft color for your eyebrow embroidery that gives shape and definition to your features.

Eyebrow shapes for a heart-shaped face:

This face shape needs to be treated with care because the focus is already on your eyes and forehead. Bold brows are a strong trend but don’t overdo it if you have a heart-shaped face. Try to keep your eyebrow shape straight and not too thick.

Tip: opt for simple soft shape when getting eyebrow embroidery so you don’t draw more attention to your forehead area.

Eyebrow shapes for a long face:

To balance out a long face which has vertically stretched features, try to choose straight-across brows, this will really help to highlight and exaggerate horizontal features and balance out your face shape.

Tip: be sure to elongate your brow-tail at the end by eyebrow embroidery treatment to emphasize things horizontally.

Eyebrow shapes for oval face:

People with oval faces, consider yourselves lucky! A classic, balanced brow is perfect for this well-proportioned face shape.

Tip: There are really no rules, except to work with the dimensions of your face for the most flattering shape.

Eyebrows shapes for round face:

Because rounder faces need a little help in creating definition to the bone structure. a high, sharp arch will provide a vertical point on your face, lifting your features upwards rather than outwards.

Tip: Make sure to get ombre-look eyebrow embroidery that emphasizes the arch and tail more than the beginning of the brows.

The distance of your eyes is also a key factor for creating your perfect eyebrows shape.

Eyebrow shapes for close-set-eyes:

Close-set eyes go well with long, wide arch, elongated brow-tail eyebrows that point things outwards.

Eyebrow shape for wide-set-eyes:

If you have wide-set eyes, try to fill in your brows so that they start further in than your eyes to draw attention to the center.