Permanent Eyebrows

Semi-Permanent Eyebrows Technique done by the most advanced micorpigmentation methods. Rabab, the permanent makeup artist, brings the most enhanced beauty trends and provides 7 years of experience in shaping permanent eyebrows to thousands of clients around the world.

Permanent Eyebrow by Rabab

Perfect eyebrows from the 1st session

You get the color and shape from the 1st session. More than 80% get the perfect result with only 1 session without the need for retouches.  Suitable for the majority of skin types in Arabic countries.

Pre-drawing the natural shape that is suitable for your face

Get a pre-drawing, shape & color of your choice. Showing beauty with a natural touch.
Perfect shape and color that fit your face and features. Micropgigmentation is designed to create a creative and symmetrical brow with natural flow hair-stokes. Not blocks!

Advanced technology & European standards

Using the German digital machine for very thin hair strokes and eyebrow shape accuracy. High-quality and skin-friendly pigments. Strictly adhering to European standards of hygiene and safety. Cross-contamination free needles.

Painless, skin-friendly, and efficient

Micropigmentation is a painless treatment due to the efficiency of the digital technique, unlike manual treatments.
Just with the upper dermis layer of the skin, unlike other traditional microblading eyebrows.

What you expect is what you get

6 years of experience in permanent makeup. Working with over 1000 clients from more than 7 countries. Providing consultation and healing orientation with the material prescription.

Creative Eyebrow Micorblading (Micropigementation)

Semi-Permanent Eyebrow: Natural-looking eyebrow technique using the latest digital European safety cartridge machine.

  • Natural brows: Ultra-thin individual hair-like strokes resulting in natural brows.
  • Even eyebrows: Very fine needle providing more precise and symmetrical brows!

Treatment steps:

  • Pre numbing
  • Shaping & Designing
  • Semi-permanent Colouring Services
  • Aftercare products and instructions

Treatment Aftercare Guide:

Suitable for: This treatment is ideal for those having sparse eyebrows and looking for a more defined shape yet natural eyebrows.
The Price includes a one-touch-up procedure within 2 months of the initial procedure!

What is Eyebrow Micropigmentation?

It is the latest eyebrow micropigmentation technique. In which a super fine needle (nano-needle) that does not exceed 0.30mm in diameter is used to draw the thinnest hair-like strokes for more natural-looking eyebrows. This needle is attached to a digital machine that ensures a precise and delicate drawing of the hair strokes with no bleeding or pain.

Treat Yourself

Permanent Makeup is here to change your daily beauty routine. Contact me to arrange an appointment.