Permanent Eyebrow in Dubai

Long-lasting results from the 1st session

Getting the perfect eyebrow color and shape from the 1st session without the need for retouches.

Choose the Eyebrows shape you like

Get a pre-drawing eyebrow to the shape you like and the color of your choice. Creative and symmetrical eyebrow with natural flow hair-stokes.

Digital Technique & European standards

Using the latest European technique and skin-friendly digital machine and high-quality pigments.

Painless, skin-friendly, and efficient

The Eyebrow Micropigmentation is totally painless, unlike the manual treatments.

Creative Eyebrow Microblading

Semi-Permanent Eyebrow: Natural-looking eyebrow technique using the latest digital European safety cartridge machine.

  • Natural brows: Ultra-thin individual hair-like strokes resulting in natural brows.
  • Even brows: Very fine needle providing more precise and symmetrical brows!

micropigmentation treatment steps:

  • Pre numbing
  • Shaping & Designing
  • Microblading Semi-permanent Colouring Services
  • Microblading Aftercare products and instructions

Treatment Aftercare Guide:

Permanent eyebrow in Dubai is suitable for: This treatment is ideal for those having sparse eyebrows and looking for a more defined shape yet natural eyebrows.
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Permanent Eyebrow Micro-pigmentation

What is Permanent Eyebrow Micro-pigmentation?
The permanent eyebrow is unlike manual microbalding as it is more efficient and has long-lasting results. In the past few years while manual microblading had a big boom the results weren’t always effective for oily skin, especially in the Middle East. The new micropigmentation became a more effective and advanced technique. In the digital technique, the superfine needle (nano-needle) that does not exceed 0.30mm is used to draw the thinnest hair strokes and shape a perfect eyebrow that lasts for a longer time from the first session. The permanent eyebrow in Dubai has great results for over 730 clients who had perfect eyebrow shape and color for 18 months and in some cases over 2 years.