common problems of eyebrow embroidery in singapore

The Common Problems of Eyebrow Embroidery in Singapore

I am going to see one hell of brow work there! .. this was my reply when hubby told me about the job offer he got in Singapore.

Knowing that traditional eyebrow embroidery originated in Asia, so it is my chance to learn the technique at its motherland. Sadly my eager anticipation did not last long, botched eyebrow work can be spotted anywhere on the sunny island.

This disappointing observation pushed me to search and compile a list of the common problems of Eyebrow Embroidery in Singapore:

1 – Nearly Zero hygiene and safety standards

This is the most concerning problem for both the technician and client. Getting perfect eyebrows should not risk your safety. Your health is the priority here so every equipment and tool have to be covered with disposable sheets and wraps including the chair and table. Nothing should be placed on the working tables unless it is disposable. Wearing disposable mask and gloves is a must. Needles should be sterile single-use and disposable.

2- Low-quality ink

Cheap Tattoo ink is used and it is the main reason behind wired brow colors you see around. Cheap ink tattoo can be easily purchased on Aliexpress or eBay and if it is implanted deep into the skin, it could be last forever. While good quality pigments are regulated especially for the face to fade out of the skin within 2-3 years.


3- Packages for perfect brows?

This kind of marketing game could be the worse for the brows and skin of treated area. In Permanent Makeup, it is not advisable to get more than one touch up within a year of the initial session in order to give the skin enough time to fully heal. Sadly great number of salons here promote for packages of periodic touch ups.

4- More dollars for more hairs?

In Singapore, it is common to see unusual categories for eyebrow embroidery service. For instance, a number of hairs to be drawn which in some places can be up to 400 hairs, or by the number of D’s you are willing to pay for, you may get a 2D, 3D, 4D and even 6D eyebrows. Regardless of the service you choose, you can barely see any trace of hair-stroke left shortly after eyebrows peel off, instead, you see a solid block color.

eyebrow packages

5- Eyebrow embroidery is for everyone!

Many technicians jump off the basic important steps of assessing client’s skin type and natural eyebrow shape. And instantly proceed to the treatment without any ethical thinking, is the client a good candidate for this treatment? Does she really need it?

6- Cheap tools and time-worn technique

The ancient Chinese technique is still performed to tattoo eyebrows in most parts of Asia. by using cheap primitive tools, small slices are made into the dermal layer of the skin then soaked up with the ink. And yet this technique is promoted as non-invasive and pain-free procedure!!

Despite all the issues surrounding old techniques of embroidery, I perceived high interest from Singaporean ladies to try the advanced Digital Eyebrow Embroidery.

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Accordingly, I wish you all beauty, happiness, and caution in making decisions!