eyebrow embroidery mistakes

The Most Common Eyebrow Embroidery Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Sitting in the MRT in one of my cutting-down-social-media days and trying to keep myself away from checking my mobile phone every second. So why not amuse myself in my second addictive habit; to draw people’s eyebrows in my imagination!

Oh My .. look at that lady sitting in the corner with short thick embroidered eyebrows like Yuki Yoshioka‘s from the students of Kamohashi Elementary. Or those masculine brows glued to this soft lady face making her look like Commander Amararo.

Ok .. Ok ..That’s enough! Said to myself while jumping out of the eyebrow-disastrous cabin and thinking of all the problems result from poor eyebrow embroidery!

These problems may result from unqualified or inexperienced makeup artist or could be a skin related issue too. So Here is the most common eyebrow embroidery mistakes and problems that you should avoid:

Infection!! Infection!! 
Believe me getting an infection is the worst can happen to your recent eyebrow embroidery. One of the first things you should look for when deciding to get your eyebrow embroidery is sanitary and hygiene precautions. I always recommend my clients to Keep their eyebrows clean and making sure not to pass bacteria to their brows by touching them unwittingly. It is very important to follow after care instructions to get the best results.

Wonky Eyebrow Shape
Ok ladies .. We are not going to spend a fortune to get Krillin eyebrows! First thing we are looking for when we get eyebrow embroidery is to have the best eyebrow shape that flatters our face and frames our features. This is why I devote enough time to analyze my client face measurements and what eyebrow shape suits her the best.

Right brow is thicker than left one!
I get a huge amount of  phone calls and emails from ladies seeking solutions for their asymmetric eyebrow embroidery. When it comes to symmetry it is not a guesswork here, drawing both brows with waterproof pencil and assure that eyebrows are even is a must!

Blurry hairstrokes
Unfortunately, this is the most problem I see everyday! Blurry strokes don’t fade away easily. Implanting the pigment very deep into the skin with heavy pressure is the reason for blurry strokes as well as oily skin with large pores tends to blur the strokes.

It is gone! 
The skin does not retain the pigment and eyebrow embroidery is no longer existent. This problem tends to happen when the artist implants the pigment very superficially into the skin, or if the client did not follow the after care instructions and picked their eyebrows during peeling off phase. And we always have to remember that there is slight percentage of persons who are not candidate for Semi-Permanent Makeup treatments.!

Funny Eyebrows color 
Grey, purple or even red eyebrows are a common problem of eyebrow SPMU enhancement. These funny colors happen due to poor quality of the pigments, or choosing the wrong color to the skin tone. Fortunately, I could successfully correct many odd-colored eyebrows by using special color modifiers.

Color of Eyebrow Embroidery does not match your eyebrow hair
This problem could happen when the client insists on choosing a certain color that does not match their brow hairs thinking that eyebrow embroidery is like makeup. To achieve the best semi-permanent results it is very important to choose the right color for the skin and natural brow color.

Tight Hair-strokes Heals Awfully!
I have seen an advertising recently claims to draw 600 hair-strokes in each brow! Believe me, ladies, this would look fantastic and super natural but only for the first couple of days. Don’t let the photos fool you! A week later the results will be a big disaster. Close hair-strokes and almost touching each other will heal blurry and solid looking brows .. which I think you don’t need it. Too scary for your boyfriend, trust me!

Still have to pencil my eyebrows.
Let’s agree that most ladies decide to get eyebrow embroidery to save the daily amount of time spent on drawing their eyebrows. Certainly, it is quite disappointing when eyebrow embroidery does not deliver the promising result. I try to solve this problem by choosing a more vivid color on touch up session or by using different techniques like soft shading to give more definition for the eyebrows. I will write about on how to choose the right pencil for your eyebrows very soon.

 It did not last as it is supposed to! 
Sadly The longevity of eyebrow embroidery is something can not be predicted. It is due to many factors like skin type, embroidery on oily skin tend to fade faster than normal to dry skin. Bad and unhealthy habits like smoking or sun exposure have an impact on the longevity of the eye embroidery too.

These are the most common eyebrow embroidery mistakes. Each case might require a different technique of correction or special eyebrow semi-permanent makeup treatment. Don’t hesitate to send me your picture if you wondering on how to fix your eyebrows?  You can always consult me by email for free 😉  rkelani[at]hotmail.com.