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Lip Embroidery: What You need to Know & The Common Misconceptions

It is not a secret that Semi Permanent Embroidery is taking the world by storm. but when It comes to lip embroidery, I noticed that ladies are still skeptical about them. Everybody knows me personally knows how much I enjoy working on lips and in this post, I will try to clear the most common misconceptions and the faulty impressions about lip embroidery.

Let’s get started!

Lips hardly hold the color

This question kept me confused for longtime till I figured out the reason behind it!

Usually, ladies who plan to get Lip Embroidery ask for natural nude colors, they test the shades at the back of their hands forgetting that in embroidery we implant the pigment into the dermis of the lips so color will not look as vivid as its swatch.

This is why I recommend my clients not to be afraid choosing darker shades than the desired one. At the end, lips will only hold 50% of the color you see in the bottle.

Grabbing a photo of botox plumbed-up lips

Lip embroidery is implanting the pigment into the skin. It is not a filler nor botox! This treatment does not increase the size of the lips, It rather enhances lip border and gives an illusion of bigger and more defined lips.

So If you are looking to get Kylie Jenner full lips, A plastic sergeant is the right person for that mission!

Would I be able to wear lipstick over my lip embroidery?

Relax .. Who said you will not be able to enjoy your favorite lippies?! Lip Semi Permanent Makeup  would never be as intense as lipstick, It will always give that natural lip color.

lip embroidery services

Here is a bonus tip for perfect lipstick application: buff some foundation and powder on your lips to neutralize the embroidery color, then apply the desired lipstick. This step also makes lipstick last for longtime ­čśë

 Lips embroidery ages darker

The answer here is no. By working only on candidate lips and choosing the right color and undertone, it will age wonderfully and becoming only lighter by time. Therefore it is very important to look for a qualified artist with many healed work photos because ladies you are going to live with the healed results!

over line my lips please!

Hold on .. Again lip embroidery is not like makeup. Thinking of over lining your lips to make them look thicker is not a good idea. Working on the skin (out the vermilion border) will end up with inconsistent color because skin does not take the color as lips do. By time lips will look smudged and the lipliner as if it’s melting.

Lighten up my dark lips

Unfortunately, lip micro-pigmentation is not for everyone. It is not the cure for dark blue and purple lips. Artists should be very careful assessing lips before touching them. We all need to know that lips with freckles, ethnic dark lips, and multi-toned lips are NOT candidate to work on as they are prone to hyper-pigmentation.

It is awfully painful

We can not deny that lips are the most sensitive part of our bodies but topical anesthetics have developed a lot recently to work on lips with minimum pain. I had couple of clients slept while doing their lips ­čÖé

Here are the most common misunderstandings about the semi-permanent lip embroidery treatment, if you have any other idea or question please share in the comments below.

Rabab Kelani is a certified Permanent Makeup Artist commonly known as Brow Artist. Dr. Rabab is a specialist in micropigmentation and semipermanent techniques, and her art is widely known in Germany, Singapore, and Egypt.

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korean skincare vs western skin care

Korean Skincare vs Western Skincare: What Are the Differences?

Taking care of my skin has always been an important part of my daily life routine, but to be honest shopping for the new anti-acne lotion or the best moisturizer cream was hell so boring for me!

Skincare sectors used to look like pharmacies with all these white tubes and pots arranged in tedious way on dull shelves. I am not discussing their quality nor effectiveness here but this is how I felt myself about skincare products. That happened till the day I visited Innisfree store in Malaysia and was like, Wow, this is a whole new world! Since then I started to involve more Asian skincare products in my daily regimen and I can surely say that both the East and the West are approaching beauty differently and to make it easier for you guys, I tried to summarize them in the following points:

1. Philosophy

Korean skincare routine focuses on preventing skin impurities and perfecting the skin not just doing spot treatments to hide flaws. While I found that western skincare routine tends to solve skin problems and use more coverage, correction and concealing makeup products.

2. ” million-step” Korean skincare regimen?!

Have you ever heard of the notorious 10-steps Korean skincare routine?! Yeah, you heard it correctly! It is 8 steps daily and can reach 10 sometimes!

Koreans believe in double cleansing, exfoliating, treating intensely, moisturizing and applying plenty of SPF during the day. While Europeans cut it shortly to 3 steps of cleansing, hydrating and applying SPF.

3. Natural vs. Medical

After years of using both Japanese and Korean skincare products, I noticed that Asians favor natural ingredients and botanical-based products. There is a culture of honoring the timeless ingredients that are indigenous to Asia, like indigenous mushrooms or ginseng.

While for Westerns quality comes first, medical and pharmaceutical tested ingredients and products are the hit there.

korean skincare

4. Korean products are wallet-friendly?!

Many would say that Korean skincare products are cheaper than Westerns ones. This is true and false! I used to have the same belief too till I moved to Singapore and found out that Asian beauty brands are just like Westerns, meaning that there are drugstore brands as well as high-end ones. And the fancy ones like Sulwhasoo and Shiseido are almost equal in price to the Westerns. But still, can not deny that there are a lot of affordable Korean brands due to high market competition.

5. Where to get your favorite sheet mask?

Western skincare brands like Kiehl’s and Bioderma can be found in most countries all around the world, while many Korean brands are still physically limited to few countries such as South East Asia or Australia. Korean brands are sadly not available in Europe and the┬áMiddle East.


6. Would be sad to throw away these cute packaging

As I mentioned before, skincare regime and products were so boring for me. They are either medical-looking tubes or pots, or fancy packaging when it comes to high-end products. While no one would dare to touch my Korean skincare products. they are so cute, colorful and have my favorite cartoon characters on their covers!

7. Innovative and awfully cute

Coconut gel mask with tomato ?! Peeling Foot mask?! Cherry lip gel patch?!

We must admit it .. Asia especially South Korea is ahead of the curve when it comes to innovative. Asia has developed many formulas that we never heard of like pudding, mist, jelly and mochi. While in Western products things are still more traditional like cream, lotion and serum.

8. Beauty is not only for you ladies!

In Asia, both men and women are obsessed with their skin and taking care of it. It is very common to see men looking for the best BB cream in South Korea or the most effective whitening cream in India.

Korean makeup singapore

And there you have it – do you use more Asian or Western skincare products in your routine?! What are your thoughts? Sound off below!

Rabab Kelani is a certified Permanent Makeup Artist commonly known as Brow Artist. Dr. Rabab is a specialist in micropigmentation and semipermanent techniques, and her art is widely known in Germany, Singapore, and Egypt.

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