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The Healing Process Of Digital Eyebrow Micropigmentation

I got many questions asking how my eyebrows going to look like after the eyebrow micropigemnation treatment, and when I will be able to see the final look of my brows.

It is very important for the client to know what to expect during the healing process which lasts 4-6  and can be categorized into five major phases:

Phase One

This phase lasts only for the first few hours following the treatment. In which you may experience redness, swelling, skin sensitivity and oozing plasma ( clear body liquid ). These symptoms usually settle down within few hours and should not last more than 24 hours. At this stage, the eyebrows look thicker and darker than the final brow look.

digital eyebrow microblading healing rabab kelani

Tip: the Oozing plasma on your eyebrows is what helps in building thick scabs and causes poor color retention. Therefore it’s important to blot dry the treated area on the first day.

Phase Two

The first four days following the digital microblading treatment while your eyebrows still look darker and thicker. You begin to feel the treated area is drying out, and the upper layer of the skin starts to build a scab preparing to flake off.

Digital eyebrow microblading rabab kelani

Tip: To prevent extreme dryness you have to clean and moisturize your eyebrows 2-3 times per day with aftercare product given in the treatment. Be careful not to apply too much product – you don’t want to suffocate your eyebrow microblading!

Phase Three

This phase is characterized mainly by flaking and peeling off the top layer of the treated area which usually starts at day 5 and lasts for 3-5 days. Please note that some skin types tend to elongate this phase. The top layer of the skin should peel off in fine sections if the client is following the aftercare plan correctly.

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Tip: The eyebrows may tend to be itchy during this phase. Don’t pick! Keep them moisturized to calm down the itchiness.

Phase Four

This phase is called the milky film and usually happens in the second week after pretty-much all your eyebrows peeled off. in this phase the brow color looks light and grayish, hair-strokes seem to be cloudy and dull.

The reason behind this phase is a very fine layer of dead skin still covering the color underneath. But this will naturally flake away within few days and the color starts to bloom.

micropigemntation healing semi permanent

Tip: Don’t panic! This is only a temporary and natural phase.

Phase Five

You are almost there! This is the last phase of your digital eyebrow micropigemntation healing process which usually lasts between 3-6 weeks of the initial procedure. In this stage, color starts to bloom back and hair strokes look more clear and crisp.

Semi Permanent Eyebrows micropigemntation

Tip: This is a very important phase of your skin to fully heal and repair itself. You can then contact your semi-permanent makeup artist to arrange a touchup session to correct any problems such as patchy spots or fading.

In conclusion, it is difficult to say when micropigemntation is fully healed because everybody heals differently and not necessarily to go through all previous phases. But certainly following aftercare instructions carefully helps in smooth healing and good results.

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Rabab Kelani is a certified Permanent Makeup Artist commonly known as Brow Artist. Dr. Rabab is a specialist in micropigmentation and semipermanent techniques, and her art is widely known in Germany, Singapore, and Egypt.

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semi permanent eyebrow techniques

The Different Types of Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Techniques

The world of eyebrow is full of different names and different semi-permanent eyebrow techniques. The majority of those treatments are commonly known as semi-permanent makeup (SPMU). So what is semi-permanent eyebrow? and why it is so popular?

What is the Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Technique?

Technically, semi-permanent procedures are considered as skin-friendly and best treatment because the color is implanted into the dermal layer of the skin unlike old technique of traditional tattoo. This technique provides eyebrow hair strokes that last for certain period of time and will start fading.

A lot of Names and Two Techniques

You might have heard of the following names: “microblading”, “eyebrow embroidery”, “eyebrow micro-pigmentation” “microstroking”,  “hairstorkes tattoo”, “pigment embroidery” or “3D eyebrow embroidery”, it’s undeniable that all those names are only two techniques.

Microblading (Embroidery) vs Micropigemnation

Technique Semi Permanent Eyebrow
Treatment Microblading (Embroidery) Micro-pigmentation
Commercial names and Popularity – Eyebrow Microblading (Europe, USA, Middle East, South America, Australia)
– Eyebrow Embroidery (Singapore, Hong Kong, China, SEA)
– Eyebrow Microstroking (Some artists in the USA)
– Eyebrow Micro-pigmentation (Europe, USA, Latin America)
– Eyebrow Tattooage (Russian way of saying it)
– Commonly known also as (Permanent Makeup)
Digital Eyebrow Embroidery
Description Techinque done by hand; simulated hair strokes created mainly by slicing the skin. The pigment is scratched into the skin; each scratch looks more like real hair immediately after the procedure. However, the results might be very different after it is fully healed; most require three sessions if done alone without added shading technique. Micropigmentation is done with a digital machine. The color is implanted into the dermal layer of the skin using ultra-thin needle. It lasts longer than manual Eyebrow Embroidery method. The appointment time for this procedure is approximately 2 hours. This procedure lasts longer and costs more.
Method Manually using a group of needles gathered in a blade form and attached to a pen. Working superficially to implant micro-pigment into the superficial layer of the skin with an ultra thin needle attached to a digital machine.
Treatment longevity Around 8 months
(The color will fade gradually after 8 months)
12-18 months
(The color will fade gradually after a year)
How it looks after right treatment? – First 3 days it looks the best
–  After peeling strokes will be thicker and more blurred
– First 3 days looks ( 30-40%) darker than the final result.
– After peeling strokes becomes lighter and softer
Color healing Color always heals cooler/ ashier (with a bit of grey tone) Color heals to more natural brow hair color ( less ashy color).
Skin Healing Skin healing takes up to 4-6 weeks Skin healing takes up to 4-6 weeks
Natural look Semi-natural: Thicker hair-strokes with blurred edges and grey shade in between them Natural: Thin and crisp hairstorkes similar to natural eyebrow look
Needle size  Approximability (0.50mm to 0.70mm) 0.25mm,  0.35mm and 0.45mm
Strokes details Straight strokes with slight curves
The strokes has the same thickness
More similar to natural brow hair:
Curvy hair-strokes drawn thicker at the roots and thiner towards the ends.
Strokes volume  20-30  18-28
Type of pigment The pigments has a glycerine base formulation which provides thicker consistency. The micro- pigments for digital treatment are chromophores that are insoluble in water which give color to a substrate they are added to.
Type of Needle Group of needles arranged in a blade form and attached to a manual pen.

embroidery blade needles

Ultra-fine needle comes in a cartridge that prevents backflow and cross-contamination. The needle gets attached to the grip of the digital machine.

Digital embroidery microp pigmentation

Depth in the skin superficial superficial
Effect on the skin Harsh on the skin Tender on the skin
Skin type candidates Suitable for dry to normal skin types
(not applicable for oily skin and thin skin)
 Suitable for all skin types
Skin traumatizing Mid to high traumatizing as the technique rely on skin cuts/slicing. Less traumatizing than traditional embroidery as the fine needle penetrates skin smoothly without cutting nor slicing the skin
Bleeding Mild None to mild
Pain Painful treatment Discomfort and less painful
Origin Chinese treatment (not Japanese as some tend to name it) Started in Germany and widely famous in Europe and USA
 Brow Style  Ideal for those who are looking for Korean style, straight eyebrows. Ideal for those who are looking for Natural looking,  defined and symmetrical brows,

Note: Some of the description provides the average and the most common features of the technique. Some highly skilled eyebrow embroidery artists provide better results than mid-level artists due to the long experience. For micro pigmentation, some inexperienced artist can provide inappropriate results. The experience is a very important factor. 

Understanding the eyebrows techniques and terminology

With all those terms used for the methods, there are also some terms involved when it comes to design, building and shaping eyebrows. Some would like to use the term permanent makeup or permanent cosmetics due to longevity comparing to traditional makeup. Yet, the right terms for those techniques would still be Semi-Permanent. Techniques vary dependent on the eyebrow artist doing the work, the pigment used and the individual needs and desires of the client. While eyebrow embroidery/microblading and micro-pigmentation are semi-permanent techniques, there are differences as you can see from the table above.

What Is my Favorite Technique?

Now we come to the question that matters the most. How I made up my mind?
When I first started working with the semi-permanent makeup, I had my doze of working with both techniques. Over the years and after hundreds of clients I made my mind and became certain that micropigmentation provides the best and most natural results. The maneuverability provided by the ultra thin needle and the accuracy of the digital machine provides crisp, lush and symmetrical brows. The plenty of eyebrows over the years made me prefer micro-pigmentation (digital embroidery) over other techniques.

microblading egypt rabab kelani - eyebrows egypt

Rabab Kelani is a certified Permanent Makeup Artist commonly known as Brow Artist. Dr. Rabab is a specialist in micropigmentation and semipermanent techniques, and her art is widely known in Germany, Singapore, and Egypt.

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