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Korean Beauty Products Singapore

Sephora Is Going For Korean Beauty Products: 3 New Brands!

Hey hey hey! Have you guys been to Sephora recently? Did you know that three new Korean skincare brands have just landed on Sephora Singapore shelves? Last weekend I was on my weekly beauty tour to Sephora, at first glance I thought that I mistakenly entered the backstage of K-pop!

Korean Beauty Products Singapore

Posters of Cute Korean girls all over the place with colorful hair and creative makeup looks. Everything was loudly screaming K-beauty and that did not make me anything but more curious to know what the hype is all about. I walked my way through the sections trying to spot what’s new and thought of sharing it with you all. So let us get started 🙂


Korean Beauty Products Singapore

A wide range of this south Korean brand is available at Sephora now. Their products are known for innovative formulations that have been causing a hit lately, especially the much raved about Patting Splash Masks. Not to forget the Crystal Ice Plant Pressed Serum which supposes to combine the two cooling hydration and pore-minimizing benefits. I never tried any of their products yet, but have got my eye on some 😉


Korean Beauty Products Singapore

Another Korean skincare brand can be found at Sephora, Caolion all-natural products are full of new formulations Aiming to awaken the natural beauty of the skin. The star product of the brand is the Pore Foam Cleanser Duo, the cleanser has the power of steam to deep cleanse pores and a cooling foam to refresh and tighten pores. In addition to that, Caolion is famous for the Pore Original Pack which promises to draw out impurities and tighten pores. I myself have a major skin concern with enlarged pore .. maybe I finally find my cure at Caolion?! Will try and see 😉


This Korean cosmetic star produces only creative masks, yeah all mask series from hair to toe beyond your imagination. Their philosophy is to make affordable salon quality products that can be easily used at home. Have you seen a mask that comes in Slices like real cut cucumbers? Kocostar interesting and fun Slice Mask Sheet comes in four flavors .. sorry meant “types” ? lemon, watermelon, cucumber and tomato slices to apply on areas we want to target! Who can’t fall for Korean beauty craze ah?

kocostar Korean masks

Undoubtedly, Sephora’s love towards k-beauty is growing stronger and stronger over time. Being more accurate It is not only Sephora but more likely Western companies started to navigate towards Asian beauty innovations, especially Korean ones. The well-known Boots has recently extended over more k-beauty additions like Skinfood and Caolion too.

So that’s for my little tour. Hope that my fellow makeup artist in Singapore find it helpful! If anyone has tried any good products from the new Korean brands available at Sephora, share your opinion down in the comments!

Rabab Kelani is a certified Permanent Makeup Artist commonly known as Brow Artist. Dr. Rabab is a specialist in micropigmentation and semipermanent techniques, and her art is widely known in Germany, Singapore, and Egypt.

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korean skincaire

Learn Korean Skincare Routine: The Double-Cleansing Method

I remember my days before I was introduced to the double-cleansing method, removing makeup was the last thing I wanted to do. Not only because I was lazy ? .. but waterproof makeup had never seemed to be wiped off completely. I could still see foundation stains on cotton pads even after! till the day I watched a youtube video about the double-cleansing method and was kinda sure that I am doing it all wrong.

What is the double-cleansing method?

In short, it’s a two-step process to remove makeup and clean the skin. It starts out with an oil-based cleanser followed by a water-based cleanser. So it basically requires two different cleansing formulas to perfectly and completely remove your makeup and cleanse your face.

Step one:

The idea of starting with oil-based cleanser is that oil dissolves oily dirts like sebum, sunscreen, and waterproof makeup. Lifting oily debris first helps in opening the pores and allowing the following cleanser to really getting in.

My favorite oil-based cleanser for this mission is The BodyShop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter. I scoop out a little and massage it very gently into my dry skin with dry hands, Then I rinse my face with lukewarm water.

Step two:

Using a water-based cleanser to wash away water-based residues as dust, sweat, old skin cells and bacteria.
I opt for a foam cleanser that suits my sensitive skin Bioderma Sensibio DS+. I rub it gently into my face with circular upward motions and then rinse it off with Lukewarm water.

I repeat the double-cleansing method twice morning and night to make sure no accumulated sebum nor sweat is clogging my pores.

Many would freakout to hear the word ” Oil ” when it comes to clean their oily or acne-prone skin! In fact, oily skin types will benefit significantly from using an oil-based cleanser because it will gently remove excess sebum without stripping the face natural oils.

Overall, this process is more maintainable than I thought it would be. It is a key part of Japanese and Korean women’ skincare routine that had the most profound results in achieving healthy and radiant skin. Let’s do ourselves a favor and get this basic skincare step right!

Love Xx,

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Rabab Kelani is a certified Permanent Makeup Artist commonly known as Brow Artist. Dr. Rabab is a specialist in micropigmentation and semipermanent techniques, and her art is widely known in Germany, Singapore, and Egypt.

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