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common problems of eyebrow embroidery in singapore

The Common Problems of Eyebrow Embroidery in Singapore

I am going to see one hell of brow work there! .. this was my reply when hubby told me about the job offer he got in Singapore.

Knowing that traditional eyebrow embroidery originated in Asia, so it is my chance to learn the technique at its motherland. Sadly my eager anticipation did not last long, botched eyebrow work can be spotted anywhere on the sunny island.

This disappointing observation pushed me to search and compile a list of the common problems of Eyebrow Embroidery in Singapore:

1 – Nearly Zero hygiene and safety standards

This is the most concerning problem for both the technician and client. Getting perfect eyebrows should not risk your safety. Your health is the priority here so every equipment and tool have to be covered with disposable sheets and wraps including the chair and table. Nothing should be placed on the working tables unless it is disposable. Wearing disposable mask and gloves is a must. Needles should be sterile single-use and disposable.

2- Low-quality ink

Cheap Tattoo ink is used and it is the main reason behind wired brow colors you see around. Cheap ink tattoo can be easily purchased on Aliexpress or eBay and if it is implanted deep into the skin, it could be last forever. While good quality pigments are regulated especially for the face to fade out of the skin within 2-3 years.


3- Packages for perfect brows?

This kind of marketing game could be the worse for the brows and skin of treated area. In Permanent Makeup, it is not advisable to get more than one touch up within a year of the initial session in order to give the skin enough time to fully heal. Sadly great number of salons here promote for packages of periodic touch ups.

4- More dollars for more hairs?

In Singapore, it is common to see unusual categories for eyebrow embroidery service. For instance, a number of hairs to be drawn which in some places can be up to 400 hairs, or by the number of D’s you are willing to pay for, you may get a 2D, 3D, 4D and even 6D eyebrows. Regardless of the service you choose, you can barely see any trace of hair-stroke left shortly after eyebrows peel off, instead, you see a solid block color.

eyebrow packages

5- Eyebrow embroidery is for everyone!

Many technicians jump off the basic important steps of assessing client’s skin type and natural eyebrow shape. And instantly proceed to the treatment without any ethical thinking, is the client a good candidate for this treatment? Does she really need it?

6- Cheap tools and time-worn technique

The ancient Chinese technique is still performed to tattoo eyebrows in most parts of Asia. by using cheap primitive tools, small slices are made into the dermal layer of the skin then soaked up with the ink. And yet this technique is promoted as non-invasive and pain-free procedure!!

Despite all the issues surrounding old techniques of embroidery, I perceived high interest from Singaporean ladies to try the advanced Digital Eyebrow Embroidery.

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Accordingly, I wish you all beauty, happiness, and caution in making decisions!

Rabab Kelani is a certified Permanent Makeup Artist commonly known as Brow Artist. Dr. Rabab is a specialist in micropigmentation and semipermanent techniques, and her art is widely known in Germany, Singapore, and Egypt.

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microbladiing or eyebrow embroidery story

The Story of Microblading and Why It Is Not a Japanese Method

Who ever told you that microblading is originally Japanese, was totally kidding you!!

I know a lot of permanent makeup artists around the world used to have this fancy thought of the Samurai who invented this amazing thin blade and how the Geisha girls had micro-bladed eyebrows for hundred years. Sadly that’s what I thought for awhile till I started investigating the whole thing.

Japanese Never Heard Of Microblading

When I visited Japan I was eager to find those microblading masters to learn the technique at its homeland. Surprisingly there were none .. nothing! There were no Japanese microblading artists, no beauty salon in Japan ever heard of this. The only I was able to find online was in Okinawa and she was a foreigner! Unlike any other Asian country, you can hardly see any Japanese girl had got her eyebrows done.

The conclusion is; if microblading is Japanese then there must be a Japanese artist who spread it around the world. But there is none. So I don’t believe that some western permanent makeup artist discovered microblading into a hidden treasure box of a Geisha.

Where did microblading come from?

beauty-singaporeAccording to Wikipedia and several online resources, microblading originated in China. This is one side of the story. There are also other sources that say microblading is invented by an artist in Vancouver and from there started to invade salons in USA and Europe. Which lead us to the next question.

But how old is microblading? Some would say it is centuries old and some would say it is very recent and started in the western world only by the year 2010. While in places like Singapore and Korea, it goes back to the year 2005. There are several stories but due to my research, I was able to find out that the Asian people used to know microblading under the name “Eyebrow Embroidery” a few years earlier than the European and American. Which leads us to the point it is probably Asian.

It is two Techniques and they are different

Technique #1:  The Manual microblading or embroidery technique, is the famous and most common one across the world. The pigment scratched into the skin using a group of needles; each scratch creates a hair stroke. This technique some would call it hair stroking tattoo or as widely known in Asia with the name Eyebrow embroidery.

Technique #2: The Manual Soft tap technique. The pigment is tapped into the skin using the blade to create a multi-dimensional look with some areas lighter and some darker.  This technique is totally different and not common among artists or beauty salons. The soft tape is originally modified from the Japanese body tattoo technique which is called Tebori. This body tattoo technique by Japanese is widely known by Japanese as the most painful tattoo and used by the Yakuza. Maybe that’s where things got mixed up! The famous eyebrow hair stroking technique is not the same as soft tape technique.

Let’s trace down the evidence

When I started microblading 4 years ago it was technically new and the only blade and tools came from China. Even until this moment, all the tools of this method are exclusively Chinese. Why so? If it is Japanese so why there is no Japanese pen or needles or even pigment?
Why didn’t the Samurai try to sell any original blades to the world?

Maybe I had to go to Japan to discover where they are hiding their precious secrets about the art of microblading? When I visited Japan I started to get the joke. Japanese has nothing to do with microblading, the technique is totally unknown to make up artists in Japan. After researching even in Japanese, I found only an EXPAT artist! super!

Now the arrow of the compass is moving in other directions.

Another Myth

Why microblading or Eyebrow Embroidery has its biggest market of clients in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and Korea? Not only in terms of customers but also in term of the huge number of Embroidery salons and technicians. In each European country, you might find Hundreds of microblading artists comparing to the Chines territories which has thousands of microblading technicians. You can even make an order from China to get a hundred microblading technicians in one package for a very cheap price.

Microblading is mostly a Chinese method

Yeah, but of course no one likes to hear “Chinese” because it always refers to low quality, cheap stuff. Some famous artist was too sensitive about the originality of the method and did not want to use this label. Their commercial brains started to search for a place pretty close but usually better. Nothing better than Japan when we ever talk about the beauty industry and products. Here we go!


Chinese types of Eyebrows

Finally I was able to discover that the microblade tool has a long history in China. The microblade tool is originated in the northern China. The tool has a long history over the years which you can check it here: The Microblade Tradition In China.

Western beauty evangelists who made a fortune of microblading trend such as Branco Babic were pushing hard to label the technique as Made in Japan. Not only that but our fellow Croatian artists came up with terms “Japanska Methoda”!! Uhm, mostly this is for entertainment? or it is some kind of accent jokes? Anywa, all those nice labels are not relevant to the real story of microblading. We all know that original artists of microblading were any nationalities but Japanese.. Singaporean, Hong Kong Chinese, Taiwanese, you name it.

Let’s say that the commercial way of marketing microblading around the world did try to hide the real roots of microblading. I know that some artists might disagree with me and I am all ears to hear your opinion or your evidence.


Rabab Kelani is a certified Permanent Makeup Artist commonly known as Brow Artist. Dr. Rabab is a specialist in micropigmentation and semipermanent techniques, and her art is widely known in Germany, Singapore, and Egypt.

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eyebrow embroidery mistakes

The Most Common Eyebrow Embroidery Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Sitting in the MRT in one of my cutting-down-social-media days and trying to keep myself away from checking my mobile phone every second. So why not amuse myself in my second addictive habit; to draw people’s eyebrows in my imagination!

Oh My .. look at that lady sitting in the corner with short thick embroidered eyebrows like Yuki Yoshioka‘s from the students of Kamohashi Elementary. Or those masculine brows glued to this soft lady face making her look like Commander Amararo.

Ok .. Ok ..That’s enough! Said to myself while jumping out of the eyebrow-disastrous cabin and thinking of all the problems result from poor eyebrow embroidery!

These problems may result from unqualified or inexperienced makeup artist or could be a skin related issue too. So Here is the most common eyebrow embroidery mistakes and problems that you should avoid:

Infection!! Infection!! 
Believe me getting an infection is the worst can happen to your recent eyebrow embroidery. One of the first things you should look for when deciding to get your eyebrow embroidery is sanitary and hygiene precautions. I always recommend my clients to Keep their eyebrows clean and making sure not to pass bacteria to their brows by touching them unwittingly. It is very important to follow after care instructions to get the best results.

Wonky Eyebrow Shape
Ok ladies .. We are not going to spend a fortune to get Krillin eyebrows! First thing we are looking for when we get eyebrow embroidery is to have the best eyebrow shape that flatters our face and frames our features. This is why I devote enough time to analyze my client face measurements and what eyebrow shape suits her the best.

Right brow is thicker than left one!
I get a huge amount of  phone calls and emails from ladies seeking solutions for their asymmetric eyebrow embroidery. When it comes to symmetry it is not a guesswork here, drawing both brows with waterproof pencil and assure that eyebrows are even is a must!

Blurry hairstrokes
Unfortunately, this is the most problem I see everyday! Blurry strokes don’t fade away easily. Implanting the pigment very deep into the skin with heavy pressure is the reason for blurry strokes as well as oily skin with large pores tends to blur the strokes.

It is gone! 
The skin does not retain the pigment and eyebrow embroidery is no longer existent. This problem tends to happen when the artist implants the pigment very superficially into the skin, or if the client did not follow the after care instructions and picked their eyebrows during peeling off phase. And we always have to remember that there is slight percentage of persons who are not candidate for Semi-Permanent Makeup treatments.!

Funny Eyebrows color 
Grey, purple or even red eyebrows are a common problem of eyebrow SPMU enhancement. These funny colors happen due to poor quality of the pigments, or choosing the wrong color to the skin tone. Fortunately, I could successfully correct many odd-colored eyebrows by using special color modifiers.

Color of Eyebrow Embroidery does not match your eyebrow hair
This problem could happen when the client insists on choosing a certain color that does not match their brow hairs thinking that eyebrow embroidery is like makeup. To achieve the best semi-permanent results it is very important to choose the right color for the skin and natural brow color.

Tight Hair-strokes Heals Awfully!
I have seen an advertising recently claims to draw 600 hair-strokes in each brow! Believe me, ladies, this would look fantastic and super natural but only for the first couple of days. Don’t let the photos fool you! A week later the results will be a big disaster. Close hair-strokes and almost touching each other will heal blurry and solid looking brows .. which I think you don’t need it. Too scary for your boyfriend, trust me!

Still have to pencil my eyebrows.
Let’s agree that most ladies decide to get eyebrow embroidery to save the daily amount of time spent on drawing their eyebrows. Certainly, it is quite disappointing when eyebrow embroidery does not deliver the promising result. I try to solve this problem by choosing a more vivid color on touch up session or by using different techniques like soft shading to give more definition for the eyebrows. I will write about on how to choose the right pencil for your eyebrows very soon.

 It did not last as it is supposed to! 
Sadly The longevity of eyebrow embroidery is something can not be predicted. It is due to many factors like skin type, embroidery on oily skin tend to fade faster than normal to dry skin. Bad and unhealthy habits like smoking or sun exposure have an impact on the longevity of the eye embroidery too.

These are the most common eyebrow embroidery mistakes. Each case might require a different technique of correction or special eyebrow semi-permanent makeup treatment. Don’t hesitate to send me your picture if you wondering on how to fix your eyebrows?  You can always consult me by email for free 😉  rkelani[at]hotmail.com.

Rabab Kelani is a certified Permanent Makeup Artist commonly known as Brow Artist. Dr. Rabab is a specialist in micropigmentation and semipermanent techniques, and her art is widely known in Germany, Singapore, and Egypt.

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