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The top 10 Common Problems of Eyebrow Microblading in Egypt

Ever since Eyebrow Microblading was introduced to Egypt and it has been the center of every beauty talk as the magical solution behind beautiful eyebrows. But sadly to say that microblading in Egypt has used and abused. Based on the number of feedbacks and experiences I get from Egyptian girls who complain about microblading results.

I always recommend micropigmentation as it is more effective than the microblading technique.

Here is a list of the most frequent problem of Microblading in Egypt and why it is not suitable for everyone:

1 Poor hygiene and safety standards

This is the main concern for both client and technician. Beauty is important and getting the perfect brows should never put your health or safety to risk. Clients usually ask about needles but there are many other details you need to be aware of like how everything on the work tray should be either disposable or very well wrapped and covered even the handpiece of the machine.

2 Eyebrow Microblading is not for everyone

Oily and porous skin is the dominant skin type among Egyptians and it is the number one contradiction for Microblading. Performing a wrong technique on wrong skin type will only leave the client with poor-retention gray eyebrows.
Unfortunately, clients are left helpless after many microblading sessions with a blame on their skin that it did not take the color. But whose fault it is of choosing the wrong technique? is it the client or the artist ?!

3 Inefficient tools and low-quality inks

Low-quality ink is used and it is the main reason behind wired brow colors you see around. Low-quality ink tattoo can be easily purchased and if it is implanted deep into the skin, it could last forever. While good quality pigments are regulated especially for the face to fade regularly out of the skin within 2-3 years. Add to this Microblading needles are majorly manufactured in China using and produced under very low-quality products and conditions.

4 Many touchups to get the result

Due to the lack of consultation and skin tests, some people might don’t get the results they are looking for. So many touchups and sessions can have a bad effect on the skin and would cost more money and time. This has been one of the most common feedback and the manual techniques has its limitation, unlike the digital micorpigmentation which has more efficient results from the first session.

5 Getting into the wrong depth of the skin

Microblading is marketed as a superficial technique where color is implanted in the first layer of the skin which is totally wrong because first layer of the skin is the Epidermis which is renewed completely every 10 days meaning if microblading is done within this layer it will completely disappear within 2 weeks! For microblading to last for a good period it has to be implanted in the upper dermis ( second layer of skin ).

6 Scar tissue

Microblading is done using a manual blade that slices the skin using hand pressure in small incisions that imitate the hair. Cutting the skin all in one shot expose the skin to a very high risk of developing scars this is why microblading considered very traumatizing to the skin and can result in scar tissue.

7 Microblading is an old technique

Another myth about microblading is that it is the latest and most advanced technique in beauty world. In fact, this technique is commonly known in Eastern Europe and Latin America due to the nature of the beauty market while Micropigmentation is widely known in Western Europe and America as the latest technique. Microblading is a time-worn technique originated in the back alleys of northern China and known in Asia with another name “Embroidery”.

8 Nothing else to offer than Microblading

Beauty Salons in Egypt offer Microblading as the only solution they have to save your eyebrows. But what if you are not suitable for the technique? What if you have oily skin? Do they carry any other solution for your eyebrows ?? Needless to say that eyebrow world has many more to offer than microblading and professionals always have more than one technique to give you that pair of beautiful eyebrows you’ve always dreamed about.

9 Removal first, Microblading second

Tattoo removal in Egypt is becoming so popular due to the high demand of everyone wants to get microblading. Referring all potential client who has an old previous tattoo removal and using different products some of them are really dangerous and leaving second-degree and scars like Rejuvi.

10 Poor aftercare

Finally comes client role by following aftercare instructions and paying great attention to their eyebrows like always wear SPF on their eyebrows when exposing to the sun. All these play a great role in prolonging your eyebrow microblading

Here are the most common problems of Eyebrow Microblading in Egypt. If you have any other to add or been through a different experience, please leave it in the comment box down below. Also check the comparison between the manual and digital technique.

microblading Egypt vs Eyebrow micropigmentation Rabab Kelani

Eyebrow Micropigmentation is known as the best technique in and the most advanced treatment in the permanent makeup industry. For more information check: Eyebrows Micropigmentation Is The New Fashion in Egypt
Useful articles about permanent eyebrow techniques:

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Eyebrows Micropigmentation Is The New Fashion in Egypt

If you still believe that manual microblading is the latest technique for eyebrows then you are definitely wrong !

The eyebrow micropigmentation is in Egypt now! It is the latest technic in semi-permanent makeup which gives soft and natural appearance of the brows with very fine and crisp hair strokes that don’t blur or spread.

Why is eyebrow micropigmentation is better than manual microblading?

microblading egypt rabab kelani - eyebrows egypt

Are you searching for reliable and safe eyebrow treatment? Well .. you need to think first about which type of treatments to get before booking an appointment. Many would think that it is only one type of treatment that is available.

Eyebrow hair-stroking is not limited to the manual technique only. Let me introduce you to the latest and most comfortable technique to get for your eyebrows and why it is way better.

1. Painless treatment with the eyebrow micropigmentation technique:

digital eyebrow micropigmentationA lot of girls had a painful experience with manual eyebrow microblading. The pain with the blade technique is basically caused by intensive slicing with hand pressure which causes a painful time for girls that could last for two hours. that’s why I totally understand when a client contacts me with concerns and questions about how painful it is.

However, the good news for you ladies is that digital micropigmentation is unlike the manual traditional treatment. It is Painless and comfortable treatment since we only work in the upper dermis layer of the skin.

The digital machine provides an accurate micro-pigmentation without the need for hand pressure like the manual type. And I assure you that many of my clients even fall asleep during the treatment.

2. Strictly adhering to high standards of hygiene

micorblading egypt - eyebrow micorblading cairoThe thing that really terrifies me when I watch beauty salons and see how they perform the treatment with poor safety and hygiene standards. They don’t get proper work table, sometimes they use the bare arms of the chair to put blood-soaked cotton pads! It is dangerous when the next client sits on the same chair and unintentionally places her hands there! Technicians are not allowed to touch everything around without washing their contaminated hands.

Getting perfect eyebrows should not risk your safety. Your health is the priority here so every equipment and tool has to be covered with disposable sheets and raps including the chair and table. Nothing should be placed on the working tables unless it is disposable. Wearing disposable mask and gloves is a must for the safety of both the technician and client. Needles should be sterile single-use and disposable.

3. What do you expect is what you get. Pre-drawing, shaping & color choice

I got contacted by a lot of desperate ladies who have previous eyebrow work who are not satisfied with their brow shape or color. And mostly complain about that the technician had no color choices and the only color she has was mostly black!

Well, I smile and show them my color collection .. there is no single black in this range! a wide range of browns to match your natural eyebrow hair for more natural results.

Discussing the perfect eyebrow shape which flatters your face and accentuates your beauty is important before starting. Pre-drawing gives you an idea of how your eyebrows will look like after the treatment and give the technician a guideline to deliver symmetrical eyebrows.

No matter how many years of experience the technician has under her belt, freehand-drawing cannot be performed right on people’s faces. For me, I go even further by not only drawing the shape but sketching my hair-stroke pattern with a special pencil to give my client balances hair-stoked eyebrows.

For me, I go even further by not only drawing the shape but sketching my hair-stroke pattern with a special pencil to give my client balances hair-stoked eyebrows.

4. It is creative symmetrical brows with natural flow hair-stokes. Not blocks!

eyebrow microblading egypt rabab kelani makeup artist cairoUsing very fine needle in digital eyebrow micropigmentation gives the possibility to draw thin hair-strokes in the same natural hair direction.

Not only that but in micropigmentation the needle enables to draw curved hair-strokes, not like manual technique where hair-strokes look more straight and linear. The accuracy of digital machine gives more symmetrical and even brows.

5. Using latest German digital machine and skin-friendly micro pigments

Striving to get the best for my clients and always putting their safety and health first. By using a precise digital machine that penetrates skin smoothly to input the color inside the dermal layer of the skin without bleeding nor pain.

This machine is using special cartridge needles which are cross-contamination free, sterile, single-use and disposable. And knowing that pigments play a big role in the final result, I use micro pigments that are specially designated for the eyebrows. High-quality pigments that passed all European standards to give true color and fade without changing in shades.

Get perfect eyebrows with the micropigmentation technique in Egypt now!

I will be available in for eyebrow micropigmentation Egypt, for a limited time. For those who would like to consult me or book a micropigmentation appointment, you can reach me by filling the application, contact me!

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Discover The Japanese Skin Care: The Philosophy of Beauty

Have you ever wondered about the Japanese skincare? And how it is different from Korean and Western Skincare? Is it the products or the routine? .. OR it is a whole different mindset?

Interestingly, the Japanese are among the first people to discover the skin care treatments. The story of “the magic water” has its deep roots in the Japanese history, when women used the rice water to wash their faces. Since that time the Japanese developed a unique routine for skin care that considered as one of the best treatments for beautiful skin.

Let’s go on a journey to discover the main pillars of the Japanese beauty and skin care in Japan:

Be proud of your Suppin face すっぴん顔 !

This Japanese slang word is used to describe a no-makeup face. which also reflects the main aspect of Japanese skincare philosophy, to work hard and commit to a daily routine in order to maintain a perfect skin that you would be proud to show without any makeup on.

I believe this concept is one of the trends in beauty world now. The Japanese have been adopting this concept for decades now and no wonder they have such beautiful skin.

Less is more

The unique concept of Japanese beauty is minimalism.

Whether in clothing, hairstyling, makeup or skincare, less is more is the rule to follow. Japanese women don’t hold to a skincare routine that has a certain number of steps or products, neither they choose what products to apply according to the recent condition of their skin. Their ritual is built on few steps and few products with effective ingredients.

Less innovative but time-proven ingredients

It is true that Japanese skin care brands adopt less new ingredients into their products especially comparing to their neighboring Korean.

But what I love about Japanese products is that they are tested very carefully for a long time like green tea, rice brans, and pearl. All ingredients have proved their effectiveness and used for centuries to brighten, hydrate and exfoliate the skin.

The most famous Japanese ingredients are rice bran, pearls, seaweeds, and green tea.

Japanese skin care products

The overall demeanor that matters!

Don’t try to conceal every blemish or hide each wrinkle, but rather care about the general appearance and luster of your face.

Japanese women care more about their overall look and how they feel about their skin, instead of focusing on spot treatment or makeup tricks to conceal their impurities.

life in small portions

Japanese treat their skin just as how they indulge themselves with small amounts of different sorts of delicious food. Overfeeding the skin with rich creams and serums will lead to impair the skin’s natural ability to clean itself.

Look at your skin in the mirror and touch it before choosing which products your skin really needs.

Affordable doesn’t mean bad quality!

Someone told me once: “whether you eat it in a five- star restaurant or grab it off a supermarket shelf, Sushi will have the same taste in Japan”. Japanese are renowned for their high-quality products and skincare is not excluded here. The ingredients of products sold at drugstores are scientifically tested with proved efficacy.

Being affordable is an additional perk 😉

Love your skin

Finally, I believe that there is only one way for a beautiful skin. Build a relationship with your skin. Skin care is a culture for the woman and not just a product to apply. Start with identifying your skin as part of your own life and stop thinking of it as a mask you wear.

Love your skin just like the Japanese do!


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The Healing Process Of Digital Eyebrow Micropigmentation

I got many questions asking how my eyebrows going to look like after the eyebrow micropigemnation treatment, and when I will be able to see the final look of my brows.

It is very important for the client to know what to expect during the healing process which lasts 4-6  and can be categorized into five major phases:

Phase One

This phase lasts only for the first few hours following the treatment. In which you may experience redness, swelling, skin sensitivity and oozing plasma ( clear body liquid ). These symptoms usually settle down within few hours and should not last more than 24 hours. At this stage, the eyebrows look thicker and darker than the final brow look.

digital eyebrow microblading healing rabab kelani

Tip: the Oozing plasma on your eyebrows is what helps in building thick scabs and causes poor color retention. Therefore it’s important to blot dry the treated area on the first day.

Phase Two

The first four days following the digital microblading treatment while your eyebrows still look darker and thicker. You begin to feel the treated area is drying out, and the upper layer of the skin starts to build a scab preparing to flake off.

Digital eyebrow microblading rabab kelani

Tip: To prevent extreme dryness you have to clean and moisturize your eyebrows 2-3 times per day with aftercare product given in the treatment. Be careful not to apply too much product – you don’t want to suffocate your eyebrow microblading!

Phase Three

This phase is characterized mainly by flaking and peeling off the top layer of the treated area which usually starts at day 5 and lasts for 3-5 days. Please note that some skin types tend to elongate this phase. The top layer of the skin should peel off in fine sections if the client is following the aftercare plan correctly.

best eyebrow microblading egypt

Tip: The eyebrows may tend to be itchy during this phase. Don’t pick! Keep them moisturized to calm down the itchiness.

Phase Four

This phase is called the milky film and usually happens in the second week after pretty-much all your eyebrows peeled off. in this phase the brow color looks light and grayish, hair-strokes seem to be cloudy and dull.

The reason behind this phase is a very fine layer of dead skin still covering the color underneath. But this will naturally flake away within few days and the color starts to bloom.

micropigemntation healing semi permanent

Tip: Don’t panic! This is only a temporary and natural phase.

Phase Five

You are almost there! This is the last phase of your digital eyebrow micropigemntation healing process which usually lasts between 3-6 weeks of the initial procedure. In this stage, color starts to bloom back and hair strokes look more clear and crisp.

Semi Permanent Eyebrows micropigemntation

Tip: This is a very important phase of your skin to fully heal and repair itself. You can then contact your semi-permanent makeup artist to arrange a touchup session to correct any problems such as patchy spots or fading.

In conclusion, it is difficult to say when micropigemntation is fully healed because everybody heals differently and not necessarily to go through all previous phases. But certainly following aftercare instructions carefully helps in smooth healing and good results.

Get perfect eyebrows with the eyebrow micropigemntation technique in Egypt now!

I will be available in for micropigemntation in Egypt for a limited time. For those who would like to consult me or book a micropigemntation appointment, you can reach me by filling the application.

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common problems of eyebrow embroidery in singapore

The Common Problems of Eyebrow Embroidery in Singapore

I am going to see one hell of brow work there! .. this was my reply when hubby told me about the job offer he got in Singapore.

Knowing that traditional eyebrow embroidery originated in Asia, so it is my chance to learn the technique at its motherland. Sadly my eager anticipation did not last long, botched eyebrow work can be spotted anywhere on the sunny island.

This disappointing observation pushed me to search and compile a list of the common problems of Eyebrow Embroidery in Singapore:

1 – Nearly Zero hygiene and safety standards

This is the most concerning problem for both the technician and client. Getting perfect eyebrows should not risk your safety. Your health is the priority here so every equipment and tool have to be covered with disposable sheets and wraps including the chair and table. Nothing should be placed on the working tables unless it is disposable. Wearing disposable mask and gloves is a must. Needles should be sterile single-use and disposable.

2- Low-quality ink

Cheap Tattoo ink is used and it is the main reason behind wired brow colors you see around. Cheap ink tattoo can be easily purchased on Aliexpress or eBay and if it is implanted deep into the skin, it could be last forever. While good quality pigments are regulated especially for the face to fade out of the skin within 2-3 years.


3- Packages for perfect brows?

This kind of marketing game could be the worse for the brows and skin of treated area. In Permanent Makeup, it is not advisable to get more than one touch up within a year of the initial session in order to give the skin enough time to fully heal. Sadly great number of salons here promote for packages of periodic touch ups.

4- More dollars for more hairs?

In Singapore, it is common to see unusual categories for eyebrow embroidery service. For instance, a number of hairs to be drawn which in some places can be up to 400 hairs, or by the number of D’s you are willing to pay for, you may get a 2D, 3D, 4D and even 6D eyebrows. Regardless of the service you choose, you can barely see any trace of hair-stroke left shortly after eyebrows peel off, instead, you see a solid block color.

eyebrow packages

5- Eyebrow embroidery is for everyone!

Many technicians jump off the basic important steps of assessing client’s skin type and natural eyebrow shape. And instantly proceed to the treatment without any ethical thinking, is the client a good candidate for this treatment? Does she really need it?

6- Cheap tools and time-worn technique

The ancient Chinese technique is still performed to tattoo eyebrows in most parts of Asia. by using cheap primitive tools, small slices are made into the dermal layer of the skin then soaked up with the ink. And yet this technique is promoted as non-invasive and pain-free procedure!!

Despite all the issues surrounding old techniques of embroidery, I perceived high interest from Singaporean ladies to try the advanced Digital Eyebrow Embroidery.

For more interesting insights check my articles:

Accordingly, I wish you all beauty, happiness, and caution in making decisions!

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Eyebrow Embroidery

What do you need to know about Microblading?

Microblading is becoming an incredibly popular treatment as more and more people like the natural results that it can offer.

What is the eyebrow microblading treatment? Eyebrow microblading (or eyebrow embroidery in Asia) is a relatively a manual method, which does not use the advanced permanent makeup machine. In Egypt and the Middle East, the eyebrow micorblading is widely known and many artists are providing this treatment as the latest technique while the fact that it is not true. The digital permanent makeup which called “eyebrow micropigmentation” is the latest PMU technique in the world.  Due to the lack of makeup artists who are using the advanced the technique, the manual microblading is commonly used in Egypt.

Check this article to learn more about the micropigmentation vs microblading: Eyebrows Micropigmentation Is The New Fashion in Egypt

Why microblading is not suitable for everyone?

There are some cases when the lady cannot get her eyebrows done by microblading technique:

  • People with oily skin: Oily skin is a very common type of skin in Egypt and Arabic countries. Oily skin with big pores or what is called “chicken skin”: thicker oily skin has a very hard time getting crisp hair-strokes with a tendency to blur with excessive oil secretion in microblading the blade cannot provide good results due to the limitation of the manual hand pressures.  The micropigmentation is more suitable and has best results for oily skin due to its super-fine needle and accuracy with pigmentation inside the skin layers.
  • People with sensitive skin: If you have sensitive skin you better avoid the manual microblading. The manual technique might harm your skin and the blade is used can leave scars on your eyebrows. Micropigmentations is more skin friendly as a super-fine needle is used which helps to give you the best results without scars and pain-free.
  • People with traditional eyebrow tattoo: If you already have an old eyebrow tattoo then manual microblading or the digital micropigmentation is not suitable.
  • People under certain types of medications: Increased bleeding tendency or Aspirin and Vitamin K medication.
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding: as all permanent makeup procedures, none of it can be to pregnant ladies or those who are still breastfeeding.
  • Certain cases: High blood pressure, skin problems like acne, broken capillaries and moles, Keratosis and very dry skin.

For these several reasons when a lady would like to have an eyebrow microblading technique; I always advise my clients to have micrpigementation as it has much better results from the 1st session and suitable for the Egyptian girls’ skin.

Consultation is important

Don’t apply any technique on your skin before doing a research and consulting the makeup artists. I always ask my clients several questions to make sure we are on the safe side; I also check her skin type, and if she has a warm or a cold blood type; so I would know which pigment color to use.

Natural brows are the best

Noting that not all the ladies are good candidates for the eyebrow treatments; some of them just need to let their eyebrows hair grow and reshape them; they would have an extremely natural look. So don’t be hard on yourselves and give your natural eyebrows a chance! For all these mentioned reasons I advise all the ladies to pass by for a free consultation before setting the tattoo appointments!

Useful articles about permanent eyebrow techniques:

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7 Facts About Permanent Makeup in Egypt

In Egypt people are still not exposed to the real idea of permanent makeup technique, why is that ?

Because of most permanent makeup in Egypt artist are still using the old outdated tattoo technique. With only a few qualified Permanent Makeup artists, there is a lot of miss-conceptions about permanent makeup that women still ask me about.

micorpigementation eyebrow egypt rabab kelani makeup artist

Here I would like to highlight some of the top facts about permanent makeup and why it is the best and the latest makeup technique.

Permanent Makeup

1. Permanent Makeup for eyebrows is totally different than an OLD fashioned tattoo, the major difference witch people cannot understand till now eyebrows tattoo is an old-fashioned and no longer used anymore.

It harms the skin inner layers, the tattoo is almost impossible to remove and very hard to correct the shape and color.

You will live with it forever which is something really terrible. While permanent makeup for eyebrows is an amazing solution for every woman.

It lasts 15 months which gives you the chance to change your eyebrows style and colors. It totally fades without leaving any marks on your skin. Totally side effects free on the skin. Don’t listen to your girlfriends who advised you about tattoo because she is an old-fashioned !!

 Permanent Makeup Egypt

2. Permanent Makeup is the latest technique hitting the world because the inks (pigments) used are formulated with Iron Oxides which are known to be safe for cosmetic use, colorants, and micro-pigmentation to the face. absorb into the skin much more effectively. And it is also certified by FDA.

3. With permanent makeup, you can always modify and correct the color to fit more with skin color. So you desire it darker or lighter, It is easily done with permanent makeup. Goodbye to the ugly tattooed thick and harsh eyebrows.

4. The permanent makeup artist should carefully manage the depth of the needle goes into the skin because if the needle exceeds the right depth this might cause Allergy, the color will change by time and It will turn into a tattoo, not a permanent makeup which is a big difference. The professional permanent makeup artist should be very accurate with using the needle.

5. Goodbye hair loss: Are you worried about your eyebrows or eyelashes hair loss?! With experience, I found out that permanent makeup really activates the blood circulation which helps in growing your eyebrows and eyelashes hairs more. The client always tells me that they noticed that regaining their eyebrows hairs as they used to be before.

Egypt Microblading Digital Rabab Kelani

6. The perfect eyebrow’s shape: If you are talking about the shape certainly permanent makeup is so accurate and so natural looking and dislike the old tattooed eyebrows. Everyone will tell you that your eyebrows will make you look younger with the supernatural look.

7. It is permanent but It does not mean you are stuck to it with forever, every year you still have the chance to change your eyebrows style with the benefits of changing the color anytime you like to. That’s pretty awesome, isn’t it?!

What are you waiting for? Get the efficient and healthy permanent makeup and never worry about how your eyebrows will look like again. It is the latest technique worldwide and it is the secret of Hollywood celebrities to have this shining beauty under the limelight and it does look natural!!

Why should you choose the digital eyebrow microblading? 

It is the latest digital eyebrow microblading in Egypt. In which a super fine needle (nanoneedle) that does not exceed 0.30mm in diameter is used to draw the thinnest hair-like strokes for more natural looking eyebrows. This needle is attached to a digital machine that ensures a precise and delicate drawing of the hair-strokes with no bleeding nor pain.

Learn more about digital microblading:

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Creative Makeup Rabab Kelani Artist

Creative Makeup: Dot Dot Inspired By Japanese Wasarasa

Hey guys! Back to you with a new colorful makeup look and I hope you like it 😉

The inspiration behind this look comes from Wasarasa, the Japanese Textile dying technique.
I was introduced to Wasarasa last Sunday when I attended Singaplural with hubby. Singaplural to those who dont know it is a design festival that takes place every year in Singapore.

In Wasarasa they dip a stencil into the pigment then meticulously press it on the textile to dye a kimono or an obi. I was so impressed by the accuracy and delicacy of this handmade technique and wanted to mimic somehow the idea in Makeup application. First thing came to my mind was using different Q-tips to layer multiple colored and sized dots randomly over one another. I also add smaller dots by fine eyeliner brushes.

All products I used in this look are from NYX Cosmetics:

eyeshadow base rabab kelani

liquid suede cream lipstick nyx

vivid brights liner makeup

I kept my skin and complexions very simple to keep the focus on my Wasarasa makeup creation 😉 Hope you like it and till next makeup creation!

Love Xx

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smokey eyes rabab kelani makeup

Makeup Look: I Wear Stars on Smokey Eyes

“Why I keep buying things that I don’t really need?” said to myself while trying to arrange my makeup storage.
Here is another collection of star-shaped glitters I got from Daiso and have not opened it yet. Why not to use them in some makeup creation!

The stars come in 6 different colors and thought that the gold ones would look nice on a dark olive green eyeshadow. Looked around and found the amazing MAC cosmetics Spellbinder eyeshadow in Cosmic Clash . Spellbinder eyeshadows were limited edition last holiday season and I really wish they add them to their permanent collection because of their unique pigmentation and texture. They are magnetized loose pigments and with one sweep of the eyeshadow, I did this intense smokey eye look without any base or primer underneath!

To give a gradient smokey look I buffed the edges with a clean fluffy brush. For the more 3D glamorous look I added to the center of the eyelids some bronze shimmers by Makeup forever- Diamond Powder.

To apply the stars I used my finger tip to press them gently one by one over my lids. I loved to add also some gold circular-shape glitters got them from Daiso too. Completed the look with several coats of mascara and a pair of wispy eyelashes 😉
Not to forget that this makeup look is inspired by my all time favorite makeup artist Linda Hallberg .. Would you wear this makeup look in real life?

Hope you like it!
Love Xx

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makeup freckles trend 2017

New Makeup Trends in 2017: How To Fake Freckles?

They say ” Freckles are Angel kisses” .. but what if I am not that fortune to have them naturally and freckles are one of the biggest beauty trends of 2017?! No worries .. After I’ve just mastered the art of contouring and highlighting, I am sure any new trend won’t require that incredible skills ?. Probably with little makeup can get some faux freckles .. maybe a bit shimmery too 😉

To add the little brownish dots over my cheeks and nose bridge, I started by priming my t-zone properly. Then applied a layer of foundation and set it with some powder.

For sketching the Faux Freckles you can opt for any makeup product you feel comfortable working with. My personal reference is liquid eyeliner for being easy to use by randomly dotting small flecks on the areas I want to add freckles to.

And to get more natural look I like the freckles to be in different sizes by adjusting the pressure of my hand.

The more you press on the skin, the bigger the freckle!!

And to add a twist to the normal freckles look I scattered some metallic freckles by using fine eyeliner brush and cream eyeshadow with metallic finish.

Lastly, I gently tap on my faux freckles with the tip of my fingers to blend them with the makeup underneath. I completed this look by bold dark chocolate lips and contrasting yellow eyelids ?

Here is the detailed breakdown of the makeup products I used:

  • Too Faced – Born This Way Foundation in light beige
  • Mac Cosmetics – blush in Cheek Pollen
  • NYX Cosmetics – Highlight And Contour Pro Palette
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills- The Artist palette eyeshadows Phresh and Orange you Fancy.
  • Loreal – False Lash Superstar Mascara
  • Maybelline – BROWprecise Fiber Volumizer
  • Kiko Milano – Super Colour Eyeliner 102
  • Makeup Forever – Aqua cream 12
  • NYX Cosmetics – Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Club Hopper

And that’s it for how to fake freckles! If you tried to follow this trend and have favorite technique or products to share, It would make me happy to hear your experience 😉

Love xx

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Korean Beauty Products Singapore

Sephora Is Going For Korean Beauty Products: 3 New Brands!

Hey hey hey! Have you guys been to Sephora recently? Did you know that three new Korean skincare brands have just landed on Sephora Singapore shelves? Last weekend I was on my weekly beauty tour to Sephora, at first glance I thought that I mistakenly entered the backstage of K-pop!

Korean Beauty Products Singapore

Posters of Cute Korean girls all over the place with colorful hair and creative makeup looks. Everything was loudly screaming K-beauty and that did not make me anything but more curious to know what the hype is all about. I walked my way through the sections trying to spot what’s new and thought of sharing it with you all. So let us get started 🙂


Korean Beauty Products Singapore

A wide range of this south Korean brand is available at Sephora now. Their products are known for innovative formulations that have been causing a hit lately, especially the much raved about Patting Splash Masks. Not to forget the Crystal Ice Plant Pressed Serum which supposes to combine the two cooling hydration and pore-minimizing benefits. I never tried any of their products yet, but have got my eye on some 😉


Korean Beauty Products Singapore

Another Korean skincare brand can be found at Sephora, Caolion all-natural products are full of new formulations Aiming to awaken the natural beauty of the skin. The star product of the brand is the Pore Foam Cleanser Duo, the cleanser has the power of steam to deep cleanse pores and a cooling foam to refresh and tighten pores. In addition to that, Caolion is famous for the Pore Original Pack which promises to draw out impurities and tighten pores. I myself have a major skin concern with enlarged pore .. maybe I finally find my cure at Caolion?! Will try and see 😉


This Korean cosmetic star produces only creative masks, yeah all mask series from hair to toe beyond your imagination. Their philosophy is to make affordable salon quality products that can be easily used at home. Have you seen a mask that comes in Slices like real cut cucumbers? Kocostar interesting and fun Slice Mask Sheet comes in four flavors .. sorry meant “types” ? lemon, watermelon, cucumber and tomato slices to apply on areas we want to target! Who can’t fall for Korean beauty craze ah?

kocostar Korean masks

Undoubtedly, Sephora’s love towards k-beauty is growing stronger and stronger over time. Being more accurate It is not only Sephora but more likely Western companies started to navigate towards Asian beauty innovations, especially Korean ones. The well-known Boots has recently extended over more k-beauty additions like Skinfood and Caolion too.

So that’s for my little tour. Hope that my fellow makeup artist in Singapore find it helpful! If anyone has tried any good products from the new Korean brands available at Sephora, share your opinion down in the comments!

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kiko cream eyeshadow

Product Review: Kiko Cream Crush Lasting Color Eyeshadow

Do you love Kiko’s products? I am a big fan! Today let’s review Kiko Milano Cream Crush Lasting Color Eyeshadow! Even thought they were released back in 2015 but I finally decided to try it.

During my trip to Germany last month, I dropped by Kiko store and had the chance to swatch them. I was skeptical about them at first because I had never heard any beauty blogger mentioned them. But since I am not really of the ones follow the hype when it comes to products without thoroughly researching the product by myself. I snagged myself a good deal by getting two shades, each at 4€ since Kiko was having after Christmas sales. I picked shade 06 Pearly Chocolate and 08 pearly dark brown.

Kiko, significant yet affordable

Each Cream Crush Lasting Color Eyeshadow comes in a transparent glass jar which makes it easy to see the color through. The jar has a plastic black lid with Kiko logo on it. The crush eyeshadows have creamy bouncy texture feels like a whipped mousse. They are perfectly bendable and so pigmented. they tend to dry out fast though, so better to blend them immediately after applying on the lid. Kiko claims to be long lasting and the answer to that is yes and no. They are super long lasting only if you prime the eyelids otherwise, they tend to crease and will start to fade in a couple of hours.

They come in wide range of 16 shades most have pearly glittery finishes while 4 of them comes matte. They can be used as color base for the powdery eyeshadow or on its own.

Kiko eyeshadow colors
What I like the most is that I can create a smokey gradient eye look with only one color by blending the edges to fade into nothing and pack more of the shadow on the lid. It took me exactly 5 minutes to create this look with two coats of my favorite mascara I am all ready to go.

kiko eyeshadow review

One of their significant strengths is that they extremely affordable. they could be a great dupe for MAC pain point eyeshadows.

I just have to admit that I am a loyal Buyer to this brand. I dread to think how much i have spent on their products over the past years. Have you tried anything from Kiko Cosmetics?

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